Unveiling the AURO Edge: Navigating the Frontier of Innovation and Illuminating Path to Academic Brilliance at the Best University in Gujarat

best university in gujarat

Step into the lively tapestry of Gujarat, where old meets new in a dazzling dance of tradition and innovation. Within the dynamic landscape of education in the heart of this vibrant state, there is a beacon of excellence where aspirations soar high and a vast array of dreams are adorned despite bubbles of struggles and difficulties peeping to find their footing. So, if you yearn to pursue careers in hospitality, IT, law, management, business analytics, design, journalism and mass communication, or any other field, you can enter the realm of AURO University in Surat which has gained its renown as the best university in Gujarat

AURO University has etched its name as the pinnacle of private education in Gujarat, where you find the perfect blend of heritage and modernity. The AURO Edge acts as a guiding light, illuminating the path to academic brilliance with a plethora of career programmes and an unwavering commitment to international standards. You are sure to seize global opportunities once you complete your desired programme at AURO University.


AURO University is popularly known as the best university in Gujarat for its pinnacle of academic excellence. The University offers an impressive array of specialized schools, each offering a treasure trove of career programmes. At AURO University, every school is a gateway to limitless opportunities, making it the premier destination for education in Gujarat.

  • AURO University students have the added advantage of engaging with their programme-oriented community in Surat
  • AURO’s various schools send students for experiential learning through field internships which enable students to gain first-hand experience in their respective fields and internalize how real-world scenarios work
  • AURO provides a stimulating space to sharpen yourself. As the University is guided by the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the school of business, law, design, hospitality management, information technology, journalism and mass communication, liberal arts and human science function in an environment that enhances physical, mental and vital skills for holistic development. Students are encouraged to find their own path, becoming pioneers with confidence, clarity, creativity and strong values
  • At AURO, you will get a campus where you get to plug and play. With numerous facilities of international standards, a sports and health-conscious student community, regular live events, stellar faculty and visiting lecturers from the respective industries, research emphasis and placement focus, this is one campus where students truly begin to thrive.

Visit Companies during Internships: 

Students of AURO University have so far visited the following companies during their internship programmes and gained valuable experience that enabled them to enrich their skills and expertise and carve out their progressive future. 

Name of The OrganizationCity
ONGC LtdSurat
National Firstsurat
NJ India GroupSurat
SRK GroupSurat
Surat Cooperative Bank LimitedSurat
India World Record FoundationSurat
Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Dekhi Branch, MadhuvanNew Delhi
ESH Home SchoolingSurat
Hardik Nayak Fina. Prod. Distribution Pvt ltdSurat
Avenue Super MarketSurat
Tourism Corporation of Madhya PradeshBhopal
Sumul DairySurat
Jainam Broking LimitedSurat
Harmony Multi-Media TechnologiesSurat
Navjivan HundaiSurat

The Best Placement Opportunity: 

If you complete your desired programme at AURO University in Surat, you are sure to get the best placement opportunities. Students of this University have so far been placed in the following renowned companies. 

Name of The OrganizationCity
Blox IncNevada, USA
Bunge Food CompanyUSA
Magneto BrokersSurat
Hardik Nayak and CompanySurat
maxBupa Life InsuranceSurat
NJ India GroupSurat
ITC LtdMumbai
Nomura holdingsMumbai / Japan
MidtickleMumbai / USA
IDFC First BankSurat
Arcelor Mital Nippon Steel IndiaSurat
Vala Food Product pvt ltdSurat
Touchlabs Healthcare Pvt LtdSurat
Prakash Chemicals pvt ltdAhmedabad

Various COURSES offered at the Best University in Gujarat: 

At AURO University, known as the best university in Gujarat, you will find a plethora of courses in various streams. There are several schools that offer the finest programmes to shape your career future. 

The School of Business currently offers:

  • Master of Business Administration (2 years) with a specialization in any: Marketing, Finance, HR, International Business / Business Analytics
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (4 years) with a specialization in any: Marketing, Finance, HR, International Business
  • B.Com International (3 years) along with add-on exemption in ACCA papers

The School of Design offers the following career programmes: 

  • B.Des (4 years) with specialisation in Interior Space Design, Graphics & Communication Design, Textile and Fashion Design, Product Design 
  • M. Des (2 years) with specialisation in Interior Space Design, Graphics & Communication Design, Textile &Fashion Design and Product Design 
The School of Information Technology offers the following career programmes: 
  • BSC IT with specialization in AI & ML, Cyber Security and Forensic Science
  • MSC IT 
  • MSC AI
  • PGD AI
The School of Hospitality offers the following career programmes: 
  • BSC (HM)
  • MSC HM 
  • Diploma in Contemporary Bakery and Patisserie
The School of Law offers the following career programmes: 
  • BA LLB 
  • BBA LLB 
  • Masters of Laws
AURO’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication offers the following career programmes: 
  • Bachelors in Journalism & Mass Communication 
  • Masters in Journalism & Mass Communication

Founded in 2018, the School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at AURO University stands out as a top destination for Liberal Arts education. Here, you will find quality programmes like BA/BA Honours in English, Psychology and Economics, offering a well-rounded education. By the end of your journey, you will emerge with valuable skills and assets highly sought after in various career paths.

best university in gujarat

Ph.D Programme at AURO University: 

AURO University proudly stands as a beacon of academic excellence, welcoming scholars into its prestigious corridors. Here, amidst a vibrant atmosphere, we offer Ph.D. programmes spanning various fields. Each programme is meticulously designed to shepherd scholars towards the pinnacle of their disciplines. Our University brims with pride in its comprehensive curriculum, esteemed faculty and state-of-the-art amenities, all dedicated to nurturing scholars for their journey of holistic growth.

Unique and Outstanding Features of AURO:

Before you plunge into the best university in Gujarat to pursue your dream subject, take a moment to discover its unique sparkle. Get all the scoop before you make your move. Feel the thrill as you carve out a path towards a future brimming with success and greatness!

  • Cutting edge curriculum
  • Hands-on experience with Courtyard Marriott
  • International collaborations and affiliations
  • Exemplary Excellence of Faculty
  • Research and innovation focus
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Internships and Placements – Opportunity for 1-year Paid Internship in USA
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Hands-on learning with international brand hotel Courtyard Marriott on the University campus
  • A career with global reach, the right skills, and a high-end lifestyle

AURO University in Surat, Gujarat is not just any ordinary campus – it is the ignition for your aspirations to take flight. By choosing AURO, you are not merely enrolling in courses – you are entering a realm where possibilities are limitless. Education here is not confined to textbooks and exams; it is about refining the tools you require to triumph globally. AURO is not just a University; it is a fountain of motivation, transforming dreams into triumphs.

That is why it is not just the best university in Gujarat — it is the ultimate destination for those who dare to dream big.

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