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Alumni associations have been a part of educational institutions for as long as we can remember. It is the bonds that we make. The feelings we attach with each other and with the places we live in or frequently visit. The ability to associate with someone or something is a huge part of a human being’s life, and it is important for the healthy functioning of our society. Our Mission is to promote a goodwill and sense of pride to both alumni and students. To help and support alumnus develop and spread a philanthropic and entrepreneurial mindset among students. To advice and conduct activities that shall motivate and upgrade student skill sets & to build a network & community for personal and professional growth amongst alumnus of the university.

The association will be focusing on the following key aspects:-

Wider Professional Network and Connects:

Alumni association main objective is to help former students find job opportunities and improve their chances of landing a job offer with opportunities for expanding a graduate’s professional network. Career fairs, for example, bring together employers from around the area, and sometimes further, so that graduates can meet company representatives face-to-face. Career counseling, seminars, webinars, and networking events may provide helpful information about the job market.

Belonging to the association:

Being able to connect with former classmates can be another benefit to belonging to an alumni association. Whether this leads to a career opportunity or is simply a chance to catch up with old friends and acquaintances, graduates will benefit from alumni directories and online social media groups that keep the lines of communication open well after the caps and gowns have been removed.


Alumni associations aren’t always all business. They offer several chances to partake in social events, such as mixers, happy hours, and galas as well as homecoming events, alumni award ceremonies, and class reunions. Graduates can take a break from work and post-college life and reconnect with former classmates as well as other alumni, while making social connections that could lead to lasting friendships.

Giving Back:

Alumni associations offer a number of ways to give back, including gifts, endowments, membership fees, and volunteer opportunities. Giving back to an alumni association is a great way to keep the legacy going and ensure that future generations of students have the opportunity to pursue quality higher education.

List of Office Bearers

  1. President – Vaibhav Agarwal
  2. President – Nandini Sultania
  3. Secretary – Ria Mohindra
  4. Joint Secretary  Arusha Relan
  5. Treasurer – Naman Juneja
  6. Joint – Treasurer – Sahid Vaidya
  7. Vice – President (Business Networking)- Preet Shah
  8. Assistant Vice – President (Business Networking)- Aditya Bardolia
  9. Assistant Vice – President (Business Networking)- Avi Nandwani
  10. Vice – President (Publications)- Rajeshwari Kejriwal
  11. Assistant Vice – President (Publications)- Swapnil Goyal
  12. Assistant Vice – President (Events)- Muskaan Agarwal
  13. Vice – President (Events)- Chitrank Murarka
  14. Vice – President (Legal Affairs)- Yash Deshmukh
  15. Assistant Vice – President (Legal Affairs)- Jaya Lulla
  16. Vice – President (Cultural Affairs)- Poojan Purohit
  17. Assistant Vice – President (Cultural Affairs)- Yash Mehta
  18. Vice – President (Start-up & Incubation)- Nandini Sultania
  19. Assistant Vice – President (Start-up & Incubation)- Vaastav Parikh
  20. Vice – President (Master class Committee)- Shikha Punjabi
  21. Assistant Vice – President (Master class Committee)- Archi Talera

Membership Benefits

  1. Be a part of the growing Alumni Network of 2500+ members across the globe
  2. Grow your business with access to AURO Alumni Business Network (Soon to be launched)
  3. Planning to start your own Startup? You can now pitch it to us and get a chance to secure an initial funding to kick start your entrepreneurial journey
  4. Complimentary professional counseling sessions for career growth, further studies, and as well as personal counseling
  5. Get connected with experts in getting you started with your career with Interview Prep, Mentorships, etc.
  6. Get a chance to get placed in Alumni owned organizations
  7. Relive your memories and reunite with your batch mates and all Alumnus under one roof during AURO Alumni Reunions
  8. Get subscription to Auro Alumni Magazine and Publications. You can also come on board as a contributor for the magazine Invites and access to all future AAA events (Online and Offline)
  9. You can now also be part of the committees for AAA and help in building this organization

Information on alumni events, reunions, or networking opportunities organized by the university

Investiture Ceremony of Office Bearers 2022

An investiture ceremony was organized on 4th August 2022 at Discovery, AURO University in order to culminate the swearing in of the office members of AURO Alumni Association. They organized themselves into teams in order to carry forward the University mission and vision for the alumni primarily and for all stakeholders too.

AURO Alumni Meet 2022

An Alumni meet was organized under the theme of “The Homecoming” on 21st May 2022 at Riverside lawn at Surat Marriott Hotel in order to gather the alumni students for fellowship. The warm vibes of the event created the urge to remain connected as AURO Alumni among them.

Alumni Participation in Festival of Learning 2022

As a part of interaction with new AURO’ites, the office bearers had a session during the Festival of Learning on 12 th August 2022 to explain to students about the importance of being a part of the alumni network and the opportunities before them through the alumni.

Exhibition and Felicitation of AURO Alumni by Hon’ble Minister of State 2022

Few of the startups of AURO Alumni which had been incubated at the AURO Innovation and Incubation Cell exhibited their business ideas before Hon’ble Minister Dr. Rajeev Chandrashekhar under “New India for Young India: Techade of Opportunities” on 25th August, 2022 and also got an opportunity to have a fireside chat with him in order to get an insight into the role of the youth and their incubated businesses in nation building.

AURO Alumni Association Box Cricket 2022

AAA Box Cricket league was organized on 18th, 19th and 20th November 2022. The objective Of the event was to connect all the alumni through Cricket and also showcase the efforts of the Alumni association.

AAA Office Bearers Dinner with Hon’ble Founder President

The dinner meet of the Founder President of AURO University with all the alumni members took place on 1st August, 2023.The dinner meet with the Founder President and alumni members proved to be a significant and inspiring event, fostering a strong sense of community and commitment to the university values and vision.

Alumni Success Stories 2023

A special interaction session “Alumni Success Stories” was held on 4th August, 2023 as part of Festival of Learning, 2023. During the event the alumni’s shared their AURO experience, what they learnt in their class, their quirky/memorable experiences and their message to juniors. It was a great reunion bridging the gap between the experienced and the rager.

The Garba Night 2023 facilitated by “Mahaul”

“The Garba Night”, an event exclusively for AURO Alumni members facilitated by “Mahaul” was organized on 1st September, 2023 at Umra Community Hall, Surat- an initiative founded by two energetic AURO Alumni members was organized. MAHAUL- an entertainment based community which acts as a bridge for artist with areas like acting, direction, choreography, dance workshops, live shows etc.

Details on how alumni can contribute back to the university or mentor current students

  1. Alumni Success Stories: Highlight the achievements and success stories of alumni who have excelled in their respective fields. These stories can inspire and motivate current students by showcasing the diverse career paths and accomplishments of alumni.
  2. Alumni Spotlights: Create profiles or interviews featuring notable alumni who have made significant contributions to their industries or communities. This can provide insights into their experiences, lessons learned, and advice for current students.
  3. Alumni Mentorship Program: Detail the university’s mentorship program, highlighting how alumni can get involved. Explain the benefits of mentorship for both mentors and mentees, and provide information on how alumni can sign up to become mentors or access mentoring resources.
  4. Alumni Networking Events: Promote upcoming alumni networking events, reunions, or professional development workshops. These events provide opportunities for alumni to connect with each other, build professional networks, and engage in knowledge-sharing.
  5. Alumni Volunteering Opportunities: Highlight volunteering opportunities for alumni to contribute their time and skills to the university community. This can include participating in career panels, guest speaking at events, or volunteering for specific university programs or initiatives.
  6. Alumni News and Updates: Provide regular updates on alumni achievements, accolades, and notable events. Share news about alumni who have received awards, launched innovative projects, or made significant contributions to their fields.
  7. Alumni Resources and Services: Compile a list of resources and services available to alumni, such as career counseling, access to library resources, job boards, or alumni-exclusive networking platforms. Highlight the benefits and ways in which alumni can utilize these services.
  8. Alumni Philanthropy Impact: Illustrate the impact of alumni contributions by showcasing specific projects, scholarships, or research endeavors that have been made possible through alumni support. Include testimonials or stories from beneficiaries to demonstrate the tangible benefits of alumni philanthropy.
  9. Alumni Volunteer Directory: Create a directory or database of alumni who are willing to volunteer their time, expertise, or mentorship. This resource can facilitate connections between alumni and students seeking guidance or mentorship in specific fields.



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