Office of International Affairs

Welcome to AURO University's Office of International Affairs!

At AURO, we strongly believe in providing both students and staff with valuable opportunities to broaden their horizons on the global stage. Our approach encompasses diverse avenues such as facilitating international student exchanges, hosting esteemed international educators on our campus, fostering digital collaboration among students from different institutions, nurturing joint research ventures among faculty members, solidifying institutional partnerships through MoUs, and active participation in international academic gatherings.

The hub of international connections at AURO University is the Office of International Affairs. This pivotal entity plays a central role in orchestrating and nurturing global affiliations, partnerships, and cooperative endeavours.

Our mission within the Office of International Affairs is to champion and nurture a culture of excellence, seamlessly intertwining with the worldwide drive towards internationalized education.

We hold a deep understanding of how exposure to international perspectives enhances the educational journey and propels motivation and accomplishment. To this end, the University stands firmly behind students who embark on educational pursuits, research ventures, and internships with international establishments and entities. Faculty members are actively encouraged and financially supported to participate in international research undertakings, publication endeavours, and continuous exploration of innovative pedagogical methods.

The University frequently welcomes foreign delegations comprising faculty, researchers, and students, thereby solidifying our commitment to international collaboration. Regular panel discussions are meticulously organized, fostering dynamic exchanges on topics such as curriculum advancement, pedagogical ingenuity, collaborative teaching models, and community engagement that transcends mere information dissemination. These interactions not only enrich the academic journey of participants but also pave the way for synergistic possibilities between AURO University and its affiliated counterparts.

Eminent international scholars and educators regularly share their insights, contributing to the University’s resolute aspiration for global outreach. These enriching talks, discussions, presentations, and discourses—spanning academic, social, and cultural dimensions—are generously supported by the University. They serve as a platform for both students and faculty to deeply analyze a spectrum of global issues and engage in insightful critiques.

Prominent Speakers at AURO

  1. H.E Mr Mike Hankey – Consul General at the U.S. Consulate General Mumbai
  2. Mr Bradford Perkins – Co-founder & Chairman, Perkins Eastman
  3. Ms Jane Brophy – Executive VP, Full Service Operations & Shared Services, Auro Hotels


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