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School of Law

School of Law, Auro University is one of the premiere law schools established in the year 2012 at Surat, India. The School was set up with a mission to pioneer legal education reforms, and to anchor the transformation of students from learners to leaders. The School further aims to develop and deliver meaningful learning experiences for the community by integrating their knowledge of content and pedagogy and creating a learning environment for holistic development of the students.
Consequently, School of Law- Auro University is one of the first institutions in the country to introduce Integral and Transformational Learning approaches. And for over 10 years now, the University has irrefutably remained a leader in the field of legal education in the country. This long-standing record has been possible due to the strong collaborations between legal academics, the Bar, the Bench and the State Government of Gujarat.
The School of Law offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral programmes in law as per the guidelines of the Bar Council of India and the University Grants Commission. It has a flexible curriculum offering several options in different areas of specialization. It is devised keeping in mind the requirements of the legal profession and academia.
The programmes offered at the School of Law incorporate a number of special opportunities such as internships, clinical programmes, supervisory research and writing. In order to promote interaction between students and legal professionals, seminars, guest lectures and workshops are conducted on various subjects of law at regular intervals. In addition to the mandatory courses spanning across a ten semester programme, the School of Law has also introduced numerous other value-added courses and programmes for the benefit of students.
Students after graduating from Law school are successfully working in Law firms, Multinational corporations, Litigation, Academia and entrepreneurial activities.


  • Focus on Learning by doing through Moots, Role Plays, Projects and Seminars.
  • Wide range of Elective subjects from various other domains of study.
  • Opportunity to earn additional credits through research, internships, SWAYAM, Add-on Courses and other academic activities.
  • Introduction of ‘Industry Immersion Program’ in the final semester to smoothen the transition from a student to a professional.
  • Revision of syllabus in every two years to keep pace with the dynamic world of Law.
  • Eminent personalities from the legal field included in the Board to contribute to the growth of the School.
  • Learning opportunities in the form of interaction with experts from Academia and Industry through lectures, workshops, certification programs.
  • Personality development opportunities through the activities of various student led clubs and Cells 


All donations to the Student Emergency Fund will directly support our students as they adapt to changing circumstances.


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Alyssa Watson
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