AURO Centre of Counseling and Wellbeing

AURO Centre of Counseling and Wellbeing (ACCW) was established in 2018, to create a platform to Realize, Regain and Relive one’s life meaningfully. Mental health has become one of the major causes of illnesses, diseases and even suicides at a global level. In order the assist individuals with mental health issues it is significant  to identify, address and treat at initial stages. To enhance, enable and empower the mental health of individuals ACCW is designed for all age groups, educational and economic backgrounds.  

ACCW aims to change the way society thinks of mental health. It’s no secret that mental health is routinely treated differently than physical health, but sometimes it’s difficult to understand how or why this affects us. This disparity can take many shapes and forms, ranging from negative societal perceptions to discrimination in health coverage for mental health. 

ACCW believes in creating a difference from the grassroots level and thus bringing about a change which will have a ripple effect towards other groups of individuals and thus to society as a whole. ACCW has been successfully spreading its services to the entire AURO family and the community through various programs in educational institutes, corporate sectors, government sectors and community services.


A space to acknowledge and accept the differences between individuals, enabling people with mental health issues, with appropriate support, to lead fulfilling and productive lives using their strengths and abilities.



  1. Promote the importance of mental health and well-being for a successful life.
  2. Strengthening the mental health of all through prevention, intervention and education.
  3. Develop and align resources, programs and policies for uplifting the emotional and behavioural aspects of all

Model of Collective Wellbeing  (Pyramid model)

With the help of this customized model of intervention, ACCW has been successfully catering to students, faculties, staff and the society. Integrating all age groups, gender, socio-economic statuses, roles, positions and personalities has been one of the missions of ACCW.


As per the philosophy of integral education, ACCW aims to reflect the same in its overall functioning. From the top, It empowers The Self representing the Mental aspect, Interpersonal representing the Vital aspect, Institution representing the Physical and Society representing the Spiritual aspect. 


This signifies that when we bring a positive change in Self (Mental), it replicates a positive flow in our Interpersonal lives (Vital), this further enhances and strengthens our Institution (Physical) and this further impacts our most important and thriving aspect of life where we aim peace and solidarity i.,e our Society  (Spiritual Aspect), once the positivity and wellbeing prevails in the society the aim of a happier and holistic growth is achieved.

In Crisis!

If you are experiencing a psychological or emotional emergency and need immediate help and intervention please read below. 

  • Some examples of serious circumstances include:
  • Suicide or homicidal thoughts or impulses
  • Sexual or physical assault
  • Unusual experiences such as seeing or hearing things other people do not
  • Grief or loss, such as a death in the family

Dealing with a personal crisis:

If you are in crisis and need to speak with someone right away, please call/WhatsApp/text msg on 7575003238/8286881835. You will be scheduled to meet with the psychologist as soon as possible.

  • Individual

             1 to 1 Counseling

             Tele Counseling

             Online Counseling

  • Interpersonal

          Group Counseling

          Family Counseling

          Couple Counseling

  • Institution

           Self Development     Webinars

          Employee Engagement Programs

         Psychometric Profiling

  • Society/Community

          Mental Health Awareness Programs

         Skill Development Programs

         Holistic Wellbeing Program

Counselling Appointments can be made in the following ways.

ACCW is open from Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. You can schedule your appointments in the following ways.


  • ACCW Office, AB 111, Ground floor, Auro University, Surat.
  • Call at Landline number – 02614088234, 7575003238
  • Whatsapp – 7575003238
  • Email – [email protected]

Please note: It is mandatory to make a prior appointment for the counselling session. 

Cancelling an appointment:

If you decide that you do not need a scheduled appointment, please cancel your appointment in person or by phone 7575003238/02614088234. Email and WhatsApp messages are also acceptable forms of cancelling your appointment. Appointments must be cancelled 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time.

ACCW Satisfaction Survey

If you have received counselling from ACCW, please fill out our anonymous Satisfaction Survey please click the link here. Your feedback is valuable and will help us to continually improve our services.


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All donations to the Student Emergency Fund will directly support our students as they adapt to changing circumstances.


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