Scholarship and Financial Aid

SCHOLARSHIP 1: AURO Merit Scholarship (At the time of admission):

Scholarship Slab

Grade Obtained

Scholarship Percentage



Above 95%


  • Scholarship percentage will be applicable and calculated on the first semester tution fees amount only.
  • The scholarship from second semester onwards will be governed by the University’s Student Performance based scholarship programme.

SCHOLARSHIP 2: Sports Scholarship:

AURO University encourages the meritorious students who have excelled in the sports. The category of sports scholarship as follows:

Students Represented

Scholarship Percentage

State Level

5% relaxation in first semester

National Level

10% relaxation is first semester

  • This is applicable for admissions to the Under Graduate or Post Graduate Program as the case may be, as referred above.
  • The scholarship from second semester onwards will be governed by the University’s Student Performance based Scholarship Programme/ Sports and Cultural Scholarship Policy.

SCHOLARSHIP 3: University’s Student Performance Based Scholarship Programs:

AURO University provides scholarship to the meritorious students of each program. The scholarship structure will be as follows:

  • Top 3 students or top 10% of the Class Size (Each program) whichever is lesser.
  • No scholarship will be awarded to any student scoring less than 9 SGPA in full academic year.
  • The above scholarship will not be given to the student if the student has a Re-sit in any exam for that particular semester. However, he/she will be entitled to apply for scholarship in next semesters provided he qualifies the criteria laid down for scholarship by the university. The calculation of the performance will be semester wise.
  • No scholarship will be awarded to any student enrolling at AURO University under Lateral Entry.
  • No scholarship will be awarded to any student enrolling at AURO University having a gap in his/her education after the last qualifying examination and his current year of enrolment.
  • The Scholarship Committee will have final authority to grant the fee waivers. The decision of Scholarship Committee will be final and binding.
  • Scholarship percentage:

Post Graduate/Under Graduate Programs:

SGPA Obtained

Scholarship Percentage





SCHOLARSHIP 4: Need- Based Financial Aid

AURO University, Surat (Gujarat), established under Gujarat Private Universities Act 2009, envisions “To be a Premier University of Integral and Transformational Learning for Future Leaders”. Grounded in value-based education, the University subscribes to an integral approach in education with focus on holistic development- physical, vital, mental and spiritual, as propounded by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. In order to provide support to meritorious students from financially challenged background, AURO University offers full as well as partial Need Based Scholarships to qualified meritorious candidates, both domestic and international. These scholarships are intended to support those candidates who have the desire and competency to pursue higher education but due to financial inability of their family find it difficult to pursue their dreams of their quality higher education.

To strengthen the commitment towards the University, students are expected to work for 15 hrs. / week during their non-teaching hours, in the area of Admissions, Front office, Programme office, Back office, Kitchen Support, Hospitality, Facility Management, Sports Department, Security Support etc. which may be intimated to the student based on the requirement time to time.


Candidates seeking financial aid must provide evidence of financial need as per the eligibility criteria, and documentation listed below. They may be asked to submit additional information during the application review process. At the time of final selection by the Financial Aid Committee, preference will be given to candidates residing in rural areas, and those who have limited access to loans.

Specific Criteria for eligibility include:

  • 70% minimum in the qualifying exam
  • Up to Rs. 5,00,000 annual family income

Terms and Conditions for Scholarship:

  • Scholarship is subject to verification and authentication of the relevant certificates / documents, as required by the University.
  • A student is permitted to avail only one scholarship at a time, clubbing of any scholarship is not allowed.
  • Scholarship percentage is applicable on tuition fees only.
  • The dully filled application form with the supportive documents, for scholarship should be submitted to the university by last date of admissions. Applications received after that will not be proceed further.
  • Final decision regarding admissibility will be taken by the university and cannot be claimed as a matter of right by any eligible applicant.
  • If at any stage, it is found that an applicant has concealed, suppressed, distorted any information/fact(s) which would have rendered him ineligible for admission and / or ineligible for benefit of scholarship or applicant has been admitted and / or scholarship has been awarded by default by the university, then the admission and / or scholarship will stand cancelled.
  • The decision of the competent authority of the university shall be final and binding on all concerned.

– Explanation of the application process for scholarships, including eligibility criteria and deadlines

Please contact admissions office at [email protected] for more information.


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