School of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences



School of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences

Established in 2018, School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences is a leading School of Liberal Arts in the country. The School offers quality programs in Liberal Arts such as BA/BA Honours in English, Psychology and Economics that provide multidisciplinary orientation and exposure. As Auro University is guided by the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the aspects of Integral Education are also integrated into the Liberal Arts curriculum. 


Since there is a growing recognition for the need for ‘well-rounded individuals’, the program offered by the School holds special value to society, community and world at large because students receiving this kind of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary education will emerge as thought leaders. For this, the curriculum designed and delivered at the School is equipped with courses that range from history and philosophy to fine arts and sociology, and from public policy to entrepreneurship.


In the delivery of these courses too, the School practices a set of innovative techniques called Active Learning. From Role Play to Think-Pair-Share, from projects to simulations, a host of experiential and active learning methods are employed to provide deep learning and learning by doing. The School also sends students for experiential learning through field internships which are mandatory. It enables students to gain firsthand experience of the field and internalize how the real-world scenarios work. 


Whether you are from the farthest parts of the country or a localite in Surat and looking for pursuing BA in English, Psychology or Economics with Liberal Arts orientation, the School makes for a holistic and exciting learning experience. 

Unique Selling Proposition
  • Holistic, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Integral education at the core of the teaching-learning process
  • State-of-the-art Behaviour Dynamics Lab for Psychology experiments and practicals
  • Active Learning Methods
  • Experiential learning through on-campus events and field trips 
  • International exposure through discourse with world’s leading experts
  • Practical workplace experience and training through rigorous internships
  • Student-led clubs, poetry recitations, book talks, expert lectures, webinars round the year


All donations to the Student Emergency Fund will directly support our students as they adapt to changing circumstances.


Everything that I learned at Kempbelle University really helped put me above the competition in the field of business management.

Alyssa Watson
BA Business Management