Bachelor of Design


School of Design offers its education under 4 allied verticals/specializations with an interdisciplinary approach.

Designing Spaces for Life: A Multidisciplinary Exploration

Interior spaces serve as the backdrop to life’s myriad experiences, shaping and being shaped by human actions and culture. This reciprocal relationship between space, design, and culture drives our curriculum’s flexible, cross-disciplinary approach. We empower graduates to find their niche as design professionals, equipped with eco-conscious sensibilities and a commitment to meaningful design.

Crafting Clear Messages: The Essence of Communication Design

Communication fuels progress across eras, now shrinking the world into a digital village. Communication Design clarifies, persuades, and entertains through diverse media. Our program hones students’ skills in Illustration, Web Design, Typography, and more. Graduates can venture into creative fields or collaborate with established agencies, embracing both entrepreneurship and corporate pathways.

Fashion’s Essence: Design and Creation in Harmony Fashion encapsulates both trends and the act of creation. Our curriculum embraces both dimensions, reflecting India’s diverse cultural expressions and their fusion with global influences.

Objects as Cultural Testaments: The Art of Product Design

Objects mirror civilizations, serving functional and cultural roles. Product designers blend creativity with material expertise, crafting objects that bridge history and the future, enhancing contemporary life.

Syllabus for B.Des

Syllabus for AEC Courses

Syllabus for ID/MD Courses

  • Class XII (10+2), 50% minimum aggregate marks or equivalent grade from any stream.(Note: Provisional admissions available to Class XII (10+2) based on their Class X performance)
  • In case the student has received the Class XII certificate from abroad or has been an IB student and has received an IB diploma an equivalence certificate issued from the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) must be attached to the application form.
  • Class X (10) + 3 / 4/ 5 year Diploma from a Govt. Approved colleges in Architectural Assistantship / Civil Engineering / Interior Design / Fine Arts are also eligible.

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