Transform your Dreams into Reality at the Best Private University in Gujarat 

In the lively state of Gujarat, where tradition, history, and new ideas come together, there is a special place for learning that can turn your dreams into reality. There are lots of dreams on this beautiful planet that, despite honest attempts, fail to meet with a favourable fate. But it is strongly felt that if you have a dream about your career in hospitality, IT, law, or any other subject, studying at the best university will help you fetch the desired result. 

Therefore, you have to analyse the various aspects of the premier universities in Gujarat, and you will find one university situated among the blend of old customs and modern life, which is like a guiding light for academic success. It provides students with a special opportunity to make their goals into real accomplishments. Can you guess the name of the university? Yes, it is AURO University in Surat, Gujarat. It has earned the reputation of being the Best Private University in Gujarat for various reasons. It not only offers a multitude of career programmes but also maintains the international standard so that the students chasing their dreams are well-prepared to capitalize on the opportunities globally. In this blog, you get to know the various career programmes this university offers and the unique and outstanding features of this university. 

Various Career Programmes offered at AURO:

AURO University has a multitude of specialized schools that offer an array of career programmes. The university has a school of business, a school of hospitality, a school of information technology, a school of law, a school of design, a school of journalism and mass communication, and a school of liberal arts and human science. All these schools offer a wide range of specific career programmes. 

AURO’s School of Business offers the following career programmes: 

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Commerce – International (ACCA)
  • Masters of Business Administration

AURO’s School of Information Technology offers the following career programmes: 

  • BSC IT specialization in AI & ML
  • MSC IT
  • PDG AI
  • MSC AI

AURO’s School of Hospitality offers the following career programmes: 

  • BSC (HM)
  • MSC HM 
  • Diploma in Contemporary Bakery and Patisserie

AURO’s School of Law offer the following career programmes: 

  • BA LLB 
  • BBA LLB 
  • Masters of Law

AURO’s School of Liberal Arts and Humanity Science offers the following career programmes: 

  • BA
  • BA (Hons) – 4 yrs

AURO’s School of Design offers the following career programmes: 

  • B.Des
  • M. Des

AURO’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication offers the following career programmes: 

  • Bachelors in Journalism & Mass Communication 
  • Masters in Journalism & Mass Communication

Unique and Outstanding Features of AURO:

Before enrolling at AURO University to fulfil your dream in the desired subject, it is essential to familiarize yourself with its outstanding features. Ensure that your decision to choose AURO University is well-informed, and feel confident that you are setting the stage for a future adorned with resounding success.

  • Cutting edge curriculum
  • Hands-on experience with Courtyard Marriott
  • International collaborations and affiliations
  • Exemplary Excellence of Faculty
  • Research and innovation focus
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Internships and Placements- Opportunity for 1-year Paid Internship in USA
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Hands-on learning with international brand hotel Courtyard Marriott on the University campus
  • A career with global reach, the right skills, and a high-end lifestyle

AURO University at Surat in Gujarat is not merely an educational institution but a catalyst for personal and professional growth. By choosing AURO University, students embark on a journey that goes beyond academics, preparing them to excel on a global scale. In essence, AURO University emerges as a dynamic force that shapes dreams into accomplishments, solidifying its reputation as the Best Private University in Gujarat.

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