Delving into Exemplary Internship & Placement Prospects at the Best Law University in Gujarat

law university in Gujarat

Gujarat has long been known for its business-savvy culture rather than its focus on professional training. However, the Government of Gujarat has pushed to transform the state into an education hub with over 900 higher education institutions that offer an array of career programmes spanning law, engineering, IT, hospitality, design, mass media, business, and management.

Among these institutions, AURO University in Surat has become the best law university in Gujarat for offering a bunch of comprehensive law programmes with outstanding internship and placement opportunities. In this blog, we delve into the various heart-engraving facilities offered at AURO University in Surat. 

Uniquely AURO with Remarkable Internship & Placement:

Studying law at AURO University is a fantastic journey from understanding the rules of the land to applying them for the betterment of society. It is an intellectually stimulating experience that challenges young minds. If you aim for a fulfilling career, AURO University in Surat is the place to be, renowned as the best law university in Gujarat.

The School of Law at AURO University, established in 2012, is committed to reshaping legal education and moulding students into future leaders in the legal field. Graduates from AURO University are excelling in law firms, corporations, litigation, academia, and entrepreneurship.

AURO University’s School of Law is a pioneer in adopting Integral and Transformational learning methods. With over a decade of experience, it holds an esteemed position in legal education nationwide. The school offers Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programmes accredited by the Bar Council of India and the University Grants Commission.

For the best law education experience, AURO University is unmatched. Their programmes provide a plethora of opportunities like moot courts, role plays, projects, seminars, clinical programmes, research, internships, and placements. Students can earn extra credits through various academic activities like research, internships, SWAYAM, and add-on courses.

The School of Law at AURO University maintains close ties with the legal community, ensuring students get ample exposure to the real world. They assist in placements, higher education pursuits and provide counselling to deserving graduates and postgraduates.

Law university in gujarat

Industry Immersion Programme:

The Industry Immersion programme at our Law School stands out as Law University in Gujarat with a special initiative that brings together students, faculty, industry and the community. Its goal is simple: to turn students from mere learners into leaders. In their final semester, students have the chance to work directly in the industry, guided by both faculty members and industry experts.

The programme emphasizes internships, making it compulsory for students to intern after each semester. This not only gives students valuable hands-on experience but also prepares them for their future careers.

Through Industry Immersion, students gain real-world exposure, helping them become job-ready even before they officially enter the workforce.

Supporting Industries for Immersion:

  • Shardul Amarchand and Mangaldas
  • Amnesty International
  • Vidhi Partners, Mumbai
  • Wadia Gandhy & Co, Mumbai
  • Office of APP-Gujarat High Court
  • Singhi & Snghi, Delhi
  • TapLegal, Mumbai
  • Office of Advocate General of Guarat
  • Nanavati Associate, Ahmedabad
  • Competition Commision of India
  • Human Rights Law Network
  • Advertising Standards Council of India
  • Larsen and Toubro

 Unique and Outstanding Features of the best Law University in Gujarat:

Before you enrol in the best law university in Gujarat for your dream subject, take a moment to explore what makes it special. Learn all about it before you decide. Feel excited as you pave the way to a future full of success and greatness!

  • Trailblazing curriculum
  • Eminent personalities from the legal field
  • Revision of syllabus every two years to keep pace with the dynamic world of law
  • Personality development opportunities through the activities of various student-led clubs and cells
  • International collaborations and affiliations
  • Exemplary Excellence of Faculty
  • Research and innovation focus
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Internships and Placements
  • High-tech infrastructure
  • Hands-on learning with industry giants
  • A career with global reach, the right skills and a high-end lifestyle

AURO University in Surat, Gujarat is not a mere educational institution — it is a runway of life where your dreams get wings and take flight to soar high. Picking AURO means stepping into a world where anything is possible. Here, education goes beyond books and tests; it is about honing the skills you need to succeed worldwide. Therefore, AURO is not only the best law university in Gujarat, it is a wellspring of inspiration and the place for those bold enough to dream big.

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