Master of Science – Artificial Intelligence

Master of Science – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most current popular in the field of computer science and engineering. Artificial Intelligence is immersive and has a huge impact on society.AI deals with intelligent behavior, learning, and adaptation in machines, robots, and body-less computer programs. AI is everywhere: search engines use it to improve answers to queries, to recognize speech, to translate languages, email programs use it to filter spam, banks use it to predict exchange rates and stock markets, doctors use it to recognize tumours, robots use it to localize themselves and obstacles, autonomous cars use it to drive, video games use it to enhance the player’s experience, adaptive telescopes use it to improve image quality, smartphones use it to recognize objects/faces/gestures/voices/music, etc. Finally, all AI students are trained to be academic professionals and need the academic and professional skills and mindset that come with such positions.

M. Sc. Artificial Intelligence covers the essential aspects of customary symbolic and sub-symbolic aspects. This Two year with industry oriented program divided into four semesters which offers wide-range of learning modules including machine learning techniques, IOT, neural network and fuzzy logic, computer vision, robotics, etc. with four credits each and with course structure meticulously designed which helps in developing extensive skill set suitable for further research, study and application development.

 Duration: 2 Years

Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Identify and describe artificial intelligence techniques, knowledge representation, automated planning and agent systems, machine learning, and probabilistic reasoning.
  • Implement and design appropriate AI solution techniques for such problems.
  • Analyze and understand the computational trade-offs involved in applying different AI techniques and models.
  • Ability to apply Artificial Intelligence techniques for problem-solving and explain the limitations of current Artificial Intelligence techniques
  • Bachelor’s degree in in field of computer science/ application from a recognized university with Fundamental knowledge of Computer Science and any programming skills (10+2+3 or 10+2+4) from a recognized University / Institute in India or abroad, with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • In case the Bachelor’s degree received from abroad, an equivalence certificate issued from Association of Indian University (AIU) must be attached with the application form.
  • Student expecting their results by July 2021 may also apply for provisional admission subject to the fact that their aggregate score in Bachelor Degree Examination shall be a minimum of 50% marks.
  • Past academic credentials
  • Completion of Application Form including Statement of Purpose.
  • Entrance Test.
  • Personal Interview.

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