With the advancement of the human race, IT has led to many revolutions and discoveries among which technical revolution has changed the way of life and taken the world and human races to a different dimension. With the emergence of the technical revolution in the 20th century, IT has led to a new way of thinking and doing tremendous amounts of tedious work within a fraction of time, doing smart work in just one click. Let it be whether typing a text to weather forecasting, reading the news to publishing an article. You name any field and IT is there. Today it has become a basic need and necessity. Here today we are to talk about “Recent Trends in IT” or emerging trends in IT. Every morning you wake up, what do you need- A cup of Tea, Coffee, Warm water and the answer is a big NO. We want to check our mobile phones first and Boom more of it we want to check missed messages on WhatsApp or Facebook for upcoming birthdays, messages from the known, tweet by our Honorable Prime Minister, Actresses, international trending people, and many more. Actors, actresses, our grandparents, milkman, newspaper wala, politicians, everyone is on the internet for socializing. It has become a need symbol to carry a smartphone rather than an “iPhone” and spend hours with it.

All these renovations and innovations have come from Mobile Computing as we have shifted from carrying big laptops to carry a small smart box with us for not only socializing but also for medical, studies, reading, etc. this has also led to the development of many mobile applications and services and it has opened the wide path for employment options too. Everything on the internet is available in just one click whether it’s a laptop or desktop and that is the product of web designing which has made our life so easy for searching and entertaining that we need nothing if we have an Internet Connection. When the technology is so easily available and advancing too, why not to make our living smart by upgrading to Smart City and IoT. Trust me it’s fun switching on your gadgets at home even when you are far away. And then comes security with IoT, Internet, Cloud Computing, and all aspects of using machines and communicating over them. 

We need to protect our data and contents from people spying into our system and peeping into my personal life. The only way to secure it is to apply data security, cybersecurity, and also hacking can be Hi-Jacking and Hi-Joking. Also today we are happy and enjoy seeing what you searched on commercial sites getting displayed everywhere. Isn’t it fun? Yes, it is and sometimes No also as it collects our data using Data Mining which can be used wisely and cunningly but can be threatening too. Again security protects us from bad things being done to us. Technology has brought in many impacts, good as well as bad but its effect can be managed by us. It’s in our hands to control technology or technology controls us. With this concept comes Artificial Intelligence where now we were controlling the machines to help in every phase of life as assistants, Expert Systems, Prediction Machines, money dispenser machines, and many more uses. Now comes the era of building smart cars, smart houses to smart cities as everything is turning smart.

Between this entire scenario how can we forget the data that have actually revolutionized the computer systems to upgrade them with very high storage capacity, building Data Centers everywhere and costing and paying so much for customer’s profile, users profile, and whatnot. For this, the need definitely is a Database System that keeps and stores our data for a very long time, in the proper format, and makes it available whenever needed. We have been storing so much data everywhere and all types of it. Now, what to do? The answer is to start utilizing them to study the trends, finding the highest hits, most sold product, and on and on. Let’s analyze them statistically to improve the market of everything being sold on the earth. In all this discussion we have forgotten an important factor: how do we do all this task from DBMS to AI? We do make everything available using programming the computer and application using high-level languages sometimes even low-level languages are needed to build something from the scratch. How about building a gaming app? A fitness app? A friendship app? And the list never ends. For this, we have python, Android, Java, .Net, J2EE, JavaScript, HTML, and the never-ending list. The options are available as a platter of yummy food to choose from all you need to know is your choice and your craving for a variety of items.


Dr. Anshu Agarwal,

Assistant Professor,

School of I.T.