Gujarat Industrial Hackathon begins at AURO University

78 teams of 435 participants to find solutions of various industrial problems in the Regional Round during 19 and 20 February.
More than 400 students from various institutes of South Gujarat have started deliberating on the various industrial problem in the regional round of Gujarat Industrial Hackathon at the AURO University. The hackathon will end on 20th February. The event is being organized in collaboration with the Education Department of Government of Gujarat under the Student Start up and Innovation Policy.

The hackathon participants will be having mentoring from 80 mentors. Welcoming the participants at the university dean Prof. Rohit Singh introduce the philosophy of AURO University. Mr. Kamlesh Yagnik, Chief Resilience Officer of Surat Climate Change Trust, in his inaugural address encouraged students to take up problem solving ability as a part of their continuous growth in life. He started his speech with an inspirational poem written by Hindi poet Sohanlan Dwivedi, which says that one who does efforts tirelessly would never fail.

He said, “I want that this hackathon should be lifelong for you. One of the meaning is to hack is to explore as well.” He added that big companies like Google, Skype have been benefitted from the events like hackathon.

He also gave local examples of students providing innovative solutions to the basic problems. He informed that in one of the hackathon events organized in Rajkot had suggested model of reducing water loss of Rajkot Municipal Corporation, which had floated tender of Rs. 6 Crore for the solution and students had come with the solution costing Rs. 30 lakh only.

Mr. Yagnik also talked about how a young man Nishith Chashmawala from Surat has successfully suggested innovative solution of adult diapers to the elderly people’s needs.