Day – 5 :  Friday 19th July 2019 Report

Water Preservation at Tapi by Dr Upendra Rawal
 Dr Rawal aka Muniji pointed out that water is such a resource which cannot be replaced or substituted. We should become more responsible and try to restrict ourselves to utilize 40% of rainfall water.

Combined session by Ms. Priyanshi Patel and Mr. Sourabh Bansal
Ms. Priyanshi defined an entrepreneur as a change-maker: Someone who, through the change s/he makes, enables a better adaptation to the environment, or solves an existing problem. Mr. Bansal’s talk focused on the role of technological innovation in business. Such innovation, he stressed, in essential to survive in the market, to keep up with the future.

Creating Content
Prof Shyam Parekh explained the importance of communication and skill based learning in any profession using a variety of examples.

Life Management
Mr Kaivalya Smart talked about time management and also explained science of living

The event of The UDAAN Band, Venue
There was a performance by UDAAN Band and Mr Bhagirath Goswami.

Paper Marbelling – Mr. Rohan Nanavati
Prof. Rohan Nanavati conducted mixing of two or more colours to depict variations and creativity in design. The students rendered marbling effect on paper.

Shibori (Fabric Printing) – Dr. Prunal Khawani
Dr. Prunal Khawani conducted a session on Shibori style of manual fabric dying which originates from Japan. Students used pieces of cotton cloth to make customized designs using tools like ice cream sticks and threads. The cloth was later dyed with vibrant colours.

Creative Textile – Prof. Nita Thakore
Prof. Nita introduced ‘Warp’ and ‘Weft’ concept to the students in a very exciting manner through various set of activities. She used blow painting and other interesting techniques on the cloth or paper.

Brain Gym & Body: Debiprasad Pramanik
Various brain gym exercises and other activities were conducted to make the students more aware about their bodies.

Quick Sketching : Mr. Abhijeet Pariyal
Students learned the art of caricature through various fun activities.