Day – 2 :  Tuesday 16th July 2019 Report

Discovering Self
 Mr. Sidharth Shah, a prolific Tedx speaker and Founder CEO of “Think and Grow Rich Academy” interacted with students about goalsetting and converting your simple desire into a burning desire.  

Mr. Hardik Naik , Past President , Navsari Management Association 
Mr Hardik Naik of Navsari Management Association engaged the students in a discussion on challenges and importance of  various platforms such as Rotaract, TED, Spic Macey, etc. and how these platforms can help one towards success in life.  

Dramatics (VAST) Philippe, Thierry & Gopal, Auroville
The theme of workshop was “Emotion – Energy in motion” in which the importance of connecting with your inner self was highlighted because it is important to arouse and manage emotions for professional success. The workshop was conducted through various activities like rhythmic walking, rhythmic exercises and eye contact exercises. The concept of space was demonstrated through rhythmic movements.  

Digital Banking: A channel to boost the economy
Speaker : Mr. Chandan Kumar, Chief Manager, State Bank of India, Bhata, Surat
The session covered the various aspects of digital banking including the ‘YONO’ App of the SBI. Tips were shared on safe banking and cardless transactions. Different precautionary measures were explained like operating from public WiFi networks, transacting under CCTV monitored areas, safety tips on ATM and Internet transactions, among other measures. The utilities and the usefulness of Digital Banking was also explained along with a primer on ‘Banking Frauds’. 

The Hearty Mart: The story of a Retail Brand
Speaker : Mr. Nadeen Jafri, Founder & Chief Mentor, Hearty Mart, Ahmedabad
The session covered the applied aspects of floating a retail outlet in the rural markets around Ahmedabad such as situational analysis, segmentation, targeting and positioning of a Retail Brand.   

Social Projects : A Changemaker
Speaker: Ms Avni Chadha and Ms Astha Kanodia
Ms.  Chadha & Ms .Kanodia   began the session by giving an insight about their journey. They have collaborated for a project “Student Teacher Training Programme. They also encouraged students to join them for this project which was taken up enthusiastically by our students.

Mr. Chandrasekhar Vithal – Library Resources
Mr. Chandrashekhar Vithal spoke about diversity of resources available to them for learning researching. He spoke about school specific software/s and resources available to library for the respective students. He presented an in-depth description about library mannerisms, library searching techniques, online databases and software available to the students.  

Kickboxing session by Mrs Jahanavee Icchaporia & Mr Jagadeesh Reddy
Students were engaged in two hour physical training in kickboxing.

Life Skills:  Dr Monica Suri
It was a very exhilarating session where in students were engaged in meaningful discussions and activities.

Marbelling – Mr. Rohan Nanavati
Prof. Rohan Nanavati conducted mixing of two or more colours to depict variations and creativity in design. The students rendered marbling effect on paper.  

Ceramic Pottery – Ms. Juhikadevi Bhandeo
Ms. Juhika conducted clay and pottery workshop for students and used real mud and clay to shape different artifacts. The students later on painted these. Students were asked to relate and express their feeling through art in various forms.

Shibori (Fabric Printing) – Dr. Prunal Khawani
Dr. Prunal Khawani conducted a session on Shibori style of manual fabric dying which originates from Japan. Students used pieces of cotton cloth to make customized designs using tools like ice cream sticks and threads. The cloth was later dyed with vibrant colours.

Creative Textile – Prof. Nita Thakore
Prof. Nita introduced ‘Warp’ and ‘Weft’ concept to the students in a very exciting manner through various set of activities. She used blow painting and other interesting techniques on the cloth or paper.

Brain Gym & Body: Debiprasad Pramanik
Various brain gym exercises and other activities were conducted to make the students more aware about their bodies.  

Quick Sketching  :  Mr. Abhijeet Pariyal
Students learned the art of caricature through various fun activities.           

Orgami with Paper : Mr. Krunal Zaveri
The students learned the art of Origami through individual and group activities.

Mininature Plants : Mr. Avinash Engineer