Q.1) Is AURO University a recognized university?

AURO University is established under the Gujarat Private University Act 2009. The Bill for establishment of the AURO University has been passed by the State Legislative Assembly.

Q.2) Is AURO University governed by the Government or by a Trust?

AURO University is a self financed private university approved by the State Government. The University does not receive any financial support from Government of Gujarat. AURO University is sponsored and promoted by a Section 25 company – AURO International School of Hospitality and Management, Surat and operates under the provisions of the Act passed by the State Government.

Q.3) Is AURO University AICTE recognized?

Universities are not required to take prior approval of AICTE before starting any program of study. They must, however, follow the norms prescribed by the concerned statutory bodies (e.g. AICTE). Further, it may be noted that AICTE does not recognize institutions, it recognizes Programs of Studies. AURO University is in full compliance of the norms of AICTE and other National & Regional regulatory agencies.

Q.4) Is AURO University accredited by AICTE?

AICTE does not accredit institutions / universities. Accreditation is done by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) established by AICTE. Another accreditation body, called National Assessment & Accreditation Council, established by the UGC, accredits universities. AURO University, like any other newly established university, would be accredited by NAAC. New Universities can apply for accreditation only after completing a certain number years of operation as a university. AURO University intends to make an application to NAAC when it is eligible for the same.

Q.5) Is AURO University covered under the UGC Act?

Yes. AURO University is established under the Gujarat State Private Universities Act, 2009 and is listed under u/s 2(f) & 22 of the UGC Act, 1956

Q.6) Are AURO University programs are recognized in India and abroad?

Yes, as a recognized university, AURO University will belong to the community of universities in the world.

Q.7) Is AURO University a deemed university?

No. AURO University, Surat is a State

Q.1) If the candidate has less than qualifying marks / percentage in qualifying examination at school / graduation level, and otherwise has excellent academic record, would AURO University consider his/her candidature ?


Q.2) No University to the best of our knowledge gives weightage to the marks obtained in Class 10 examination. What is the purpose of considering “past” performance? It may give an unfair advantage to somebody who has scored very high in Class 10, but got only 60 % in 10+2.

There are institutions which give due weightage to performance in a Class 10 examination. The purpose of considering multiple performances is to make sure that the candidate being considered for admission is “consistently” good. Good performance in one examination with mediocre performance in others will automatically bring down her/his aggregate score and consequently, her/his position in the Merit List.

Q.3) What is the procedure for students who have done 10th / 12th / Graduation from abroad? How will AURO University consider the grade point scores?

AURO University is certainly open to students who have done their 12th / Graduation from a recognized education system abroad. Please do not hesitate to apply.

Q.4) How to contact AURO if there is a question regarding the application form status?

For all admission-related queries, please send an email to info@site20.aurouniversity.edu.in

Q.5) Where will be an Interview for admission? Will it be at my home town or at the University Campus?

Interviews will be conducted at the University Campus. It there is a change in the venue the same will be communicated to you in writing well before the date of the interview.

Q.1) How do you evaluate the quality of education being delivered at AURO?

Quality of education should be measured in terms of industry-relevance of curriculum, diversity of learning experiences for a student, level of preparedness of a student in applying research-oriented approach to solving complex problems, and response of the end-user (employer) to the product (graduate) in terms of acceptance.

Q.2) Can each student choose to study whatever courses she/he wants?

A student has to study certain prescribed compulsory courses. Apart from these, there are elective courses which a student can choose from the list of available courses. Thus, the curriculum is a blend of compulsory and optional courses.

Q.3) How is the curriculum structured?

The curriculum is structured in consultation with eminent members of academia and industry professionals. The curriculum is comprehensive and gives exposure to basic sciences, mathematics, social sciences, and communication skills apart from professional courses, research project and hands-on in industry.

Q.4) Who are on your faculty?

We have doctorates and Masters as our faculty members. In addition to the above faculty, AURO University has Mentor Professors, who are senior academicians of repute. Founding Professors are eminent members of academia and industry, who epitomize academic excellence in their own domain. Faculty members follow a student centered approach to teaching and learning process.

Q.5) What is the Internship Program?

The Internship Program provides AURO students an opportunity to gain experience while working in an organization on real-life projects of high relevance. It will be conducted in the organization where they will be treated as quasi-employees and will have to follow the code of conduct and regulations of the organization. It will be a meaningful and rewarding experience for both the student and the organization. Continuous guidance will be provided to the student by a dedicated faculty and a mentor provided by the organization. They will provide academic inputs, supervise the work and conduct evaluation at regular intervals based on professional and personal Skills.

Q.1) What is the fee structure for various programs being offered by the University?

The detailed breakup of the University fee structure for the various programs is available on the website www.site20.aurouniversity.edu.in

Q.2) If a student, after paying the fee (in any one of the offered options) wants to defer registration till the next semester or the next academic year, is she/he allowed to do so?

There are two parts to this: if a student has requested for deferment after the start of the first semester, the student must apply to the University authorities for permission. If the candidate has paid fees and desires to defer studies even before the start of the first semester, she/he can get her/his fees refunded as per the rules of the University. Such candidates will have to apply afresh for admission in the following year.

Q.1) Do you have provisions for awarding scholarships?

AURO University will offer merit-based scholarships to top few students of an amount equivalent to full or part of the University tuition fees. For bright but economically-challenged students, the University, through its Affirmative Action Project, will create economic support for identified students. The Number of scholarships and financial support is limited and thus the University will distribute the available funds in a way that it can support maximum number of students.

Q.1) What is the University’s policy on ‘Ragging’?

Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. There will be strong vigilance to ensure enforcement of the policy. Please note that Ragging is a criminal offence as per the University Policy.

Q.2)How secure is the campus?

AURO University at Surat is a walled campus with a single entry and 24-hour security. In addition, state of-the-art security technology is being deployed to ensure complete safety for all residents.

Q.3) What is the provision for girls’ residences on Campus?

A separate hostel is reserved exclusively for girl students, with access-controlled entrance and exit. All hostels have full-time Wardens and security personnel around the clock. Hostel Students cannot leave the campus without an exit pass from the Warden.

Q.4) How good is the medical facility on Campus?

We have an arrangement to take care of the first level assistance within the campus. All minor hospitalizations are taken care through tie ups with local hospitals.