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Dr. Subramanian Swamy at AURO National Moot Court Competition

6th AURO National Moot Court Competition started at AURO University

Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Member of Parliament- Rajya Sabha, graced the occasion as

Chief Guest

6th AURO National Moot Court Competition has inaugurated by Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Member of Parliament- Rajya Sabha at AURO University premises. This Moot Court Competition is being organized by The AURO Litigious Committee (ALC)- the Moot Court Committee of School of Law. This three days event is scheduled from February 28th to March 1st, 2020.

The event started with lamp lighting ceremony. Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Chief Guest of this event said in his address highlighted the issues related to technological changes and the Laws. He also enlighten various important cases which he fought and won and set new rules through Supreme Court of India. He specially spoke on intellectual property rights and explained IPR to all the gathering and especially to students who are studying Law. In a very interesting way along with multiple examples of various cases he explained the importance of Law and its meaningful use. He also motivated students to think about more new Laws which is needed in India. In his address he also emphasized on ethical practices. At the end he said that Integral Knowledge and Intelligence and cognitive Intelligence along with Emotional and social intelligence may lead this nation towards success, peace and development.

The 6th edition of the National Moot Court Competition has 22 teams participating from across the country, including entries from various National Law Universities.

The intersection of law and technology has constantly engaged academics, experts and practitioners in the legal fraternity.

The aim of this moot Court competition is to provide a platform to the students to research and debate on the challenges arising as a result of the advancement in technologies, especially in the absence of any potent domestic legislation.

Prof (Dr.) Rohit Singh, Dean Academics, AURO University delivered welcome and Dr. Shilpi Sharma, HoD, School of Law presented Vote of thanks in this event.

The faculty members of AURO University along with other senior authorities and many senior advocates were also graced this inaugural ceremony.

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IEA Conference hosted at AURO University

Surat: The three-day 102nd annual conference of Indian Economic Association (IEA) organized at AURO University concluded
here on Sunday. More than 450 delegates participated, with many experts presenting their views and research papers and also
discussing Indian economy, agriculture growth, Indian banking system and Gujarat’s economy at the conference. Lord
Meghnad Desai, professor emeritus, London School of Economics, delivered the valedictory address. IEA president VK
Malhotra highlighted a few major areas of research while IEA secretary DK Madaan shared details about the association.

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ગુરુઓના ગુરુ અને સવાયા ગુજરાતી ડો. અવધેશકુમાર સિંઘ

ગુરુઓના ગુરુ અને સવાયા ગુજરાતી ડો. અવધેશકુમાર સિંઘ

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A fountainhead of knowledge, distinguished educator, reformer, a constant source of inspiration, and a devoted father and husband, Prof. (Dr.) Avadhesh Singh, has left behind a rich legacy and fond memories for us to cherish forever…

Prof Avadhesh Kumar Singh, Vice Chancellor of AURO University, Surat left his mortal body on Monday, August 12.
He is survived by his wife and daughter.
From: AURO University Management, Faculty members, Staff and Students.

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Convocation 2019

Nearly 300 students graduate in the 7th convocation of Auro University

“Simple Solutions work the best, but they are often the hardest” , Achal Bakeri

The seventh Convocation of South Gujarat’s first and only UGC recognized private university, AURO University, was held today in the Sarsana Convention Centre on Saturday evening. Over 298 students pursuing various academic programmes including, MBA, BBA, LAW, M.SC & B.SC IT, Hotel Management, PGDFMB and PGDFM received UG and PG degrees and Post Graduate Diplomas got convocated on completion of their studies.

Founder of Symphony Ltd, Achal Bakeri, delivered the convocation address. Bakeri shared insights into journey of building USD 1.2 billion worth of company, which is India’s largest multi-national out of Gujarat. Reminiscing the building of his company which holds the record of giving highest return on investment in Indian stock market – 2.5 lakh per cent, he talked about the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. “Every challenge is an opportunity and you don’t know which challenge will be your biggest opportunity, so accept every challenge to convert it into success”.

Sharing a vital learning from his business building experience, Bakeri exhorted the students on the need to look for simple solutions. “We often complicate things with complex solutions. But simple solutions are the way to go, though they are most often the toughest.”

Founder and the President of the university Mr. HP Rama said in his address to the students that, “Each one of you represent youth and energy of this country and You all must participate in growing economy of this country along with all values which you have learned during your study at AURO University.

Mr. HP Rama empowered and motivated students with a message of intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth.

Earlier, welcoming the students, their parents and guests, Provost and vice chancellor Prof. Avadhesh Kumar Singh in his welcome address presented a report of activities organised by the University in the year 2018-19. He specifically mentioned the starting of School of Liberal Arts and School of Journalism along with Doctoral programs offered by other schools. In his address to the students he said that, “all students must have rich ethical and human values for the contribution towards the betterment of society”. Further he added that at AURO university students’ will not get just a degree but will get much more along with a transformation and integral values in their life.

The Dean Academics Prof. Rohit Singh first announced the names of students being conferred silver and gold medals for achieving academic excellence and then of all the graduating students who received their medals and degrees from the chief guest and the president. Toppers were awarded gold and silver medals for their outstanding performance in academics in their respective streams.

The Convocation ceremony was declared closed by Dr Ajay Yadav, Registrar, AURO University.

The vision of Auro University is to be a premier university of integral and transformational learning for future leaders. It believes that education must not be limited to academic learning. At AURO, the focus is to develop all faculties of an individual to ensure holistic development. The University currently offers dozens of programmes in its seven schools. Various schools at AURO University are, School of Business, School Journalism and Mass Communication, School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, School of Hospitality Management, School of Information Technology, School of Law and School of Design.

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Festival of Learning – Day 8

Day – 8 :  Wednesday 24th July 2019 Report

Understanding Ethics and Value by Prof. Deepak Teraiya
Prof. Deepak Teraiya initiated the talk by sharing his life stories wherein he explained values like unity, the importance of being before time and not on or after time. He also spoke on shared the importance of Team work and explained what values and ethics are.

Mr Jagdish Italiya & Mrs Ajita Italiya
Mrs. Italiya took the students through her life journey and how her passion fuelled her entrepreneurship in the form of fashion boutique and health café. Mr Italiya talked about hurdles in the path of success and engaged with students in trying to find out their dreams and motivated them to follow their dreams.

Designing Life
Mr. Aniket Gupta talked about various kinds of thinking such as 1. Engineering thinking. 2. Business Thinking. 3. Research Thinking. 4. Design Thinking. He also discussed about prototype conversations and prototype experience

Jivan Vigyan
Mr Ajay Jain spoke about human values, their significance and impact on the society and also about need for education and its various perceptions.

Integration of Drama/Dance
Mr Darshan Purohit (Performing Arts MSU, Baroda) talked about the role of Dramatics in building character and even career. He trained the students in the art of articulation, enunciation and pronunciation.

Appreciating Poetry by Prof. Avadhesh Kumar Singh
The session delved into the notions of poem, poetry and poetic. It emphasized the need to enjoy reading and listening to poetry rather than understanding it, as poetry is meant for pleasure first and understanding later. The Workshop also substantiated the functions of poetry with relevant lines from different poems. It was an interactive session as the students asked plenty of questions at the end and also showed their own works.

Sustainability and Role of NGO
Dr Vikrant Makhija spoke about sustainability and its importance in bringing change in the world. He discussed various issues of sustainability like less industrialization, ecological imbalance.

Social Responsibility
Mrs Geeta Shroff shared various experiences with students to motivate them towards working for society. She also shared all the initiatives that her NGO has initiated and the challenges she faced during this and now the change that has been brought. She also gave an open invitation to students how they could join her various initiatives.

Web designing by Rajiv Katare/Anshu Agarwal/Dr. Papri Ghosh
Different basic topics such as www, DNS, ISP, and HTML were discussed and students learned how to create a web page.

C.E.P.T Exam
The exam was to check the basic proficiency in English

Speed of Change in the VUCA world
Dr Vikrant Makhija discussed about human evolution and industrial evolution. He also discussed the role of youth in VUCA world.

Heritage walk
The students visited the Surat Fort where they were briefed about the idea behind reconstruction and were also shown a short movie on history of fort.

Aqua Zumba
The students along with Ms Jahanvee Ichchhaporia visited CB Patel Health Club for Aqua Zumba session taken by Mr Aman.

Orgami with Paper : Mr. Krunal Zaveri
The students learned the art of Origami through individual and group activities.


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Festival of Learning – Day 7

Day – 7 :  Tuesday 23th July 2019 Report

Sapling Plantation@AURO
AURO University organized Tree Plantation program which was facilitated by Surat Unit of Directorate of Goods & Services Tax Intelligence. Over 500 trees were planted during this program.

Integration of drama/dance for educational and social change
Dr. Darshan Purohit (Performing Arts MSU, Baroda) talked about the role of Dramatics in building character and even career. He trained the students in the art of articulation, enunciation and pronunciation.

Human Rights and Equality by Richa Chadha
The session revolved around gender sensitization. Students were engaged in discussing the rights of LGBTQ community and harassment at workplace. The issues of domestic violence, dowry harassment, female foeticide, women property rights were also discussed.

Humility and Receptivity by Hardik Purohit
Mr Hardik Purohit spoke about importance of time management, discipline and true meaning of success.

Values and Ethics
Prof. Deepak Teraiya spoke about the relevance of value and ethics and how they go hand in hand in lives to achieve anything in life.