Auro University E-Campus

Auro University E Campus at Surat

Our vision is to be a facilitating platform for Integral and Transformational Learning and growth of Consciousness in the light of Integral Vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

Our mission is to create an educational environment offering different approaches within the Integral Paradigm of Knowledge which may lead us to realisation of the Ideal of Human Unity.

We strive to inspire, educate and empower by offering:

Learners – an Integral learning process that emphasize conscious development on all levels of the being: physical, vital, mental, psychic and spiritual. We encourage learners to design their own path for self-development through freedom of choice and flexibility.

Educators – instructional modules on Integral Education which include in-depth study and research on various aspects of Integral Education, ranging from integral psychology to contemporary practices and methodologies of teaching and learning.

Enterprises – a range of management and leadership programs designed for corporations, foundations and educational institutions, introducing a range of core principles of Integral Yoga and the developmental approaches to consciousness in the management of professional organizations.

Instructors and facilitators – a global venue for the facilitation of and participation in innovative approaches to education.

  • To bridge the Western and Eastern Paradigms of Knowledge in the light of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.
  • To shift the balance of power in education from social institutions to individuals, allowing them to reclaim their inherent right to self-directed development of consciousness.
  • To promote an integral self-development process that provides individuals with a deeper understanding of human relations and core-values and develops their ability to discover the truth in all fields of life: personal, professional, spiritual, etc
  • To preserve and make available countless writings, publications and audio recordings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.
  • To serve as a central resource for lectures, writings, conferences, etc. from those instructing on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.
  • To provide economies of scale for SAILC through global distribution of in-house developed Integral courses.
  • To connect globally a community of Integral Yoga practitioners and educators.
  • Approach is based on the methods of Integral Education and Integral Yoga Psychology & Philosophy as well as ancient spiritual Knowledge of India in the light of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.
  • We offer a choice-based system that provides:
    • various credit options: degree-based programs, certification programs and continuing education classes;
    • multiple media formats: written materials, streaming lectures/classes, pre-recorded instruction, videos, etc. and;
    • flexible timeframes for completion of course and programs.
  • Our Integral on-line learning environment is supplemented with personalized consulting, counselling and instruction for individuals and groups, as requested.

Phase I: Year 1-3 years

  • Assessment and selection of e-learning platform.
  • Development of free e-library based on existing available education material, including Lexicon and links to other websites. Where required, edit and repackage in appropriate format.
  • Broadcast lectures, talks, conferences, workshops, etc.
  • Offer Integral Yoga and Integral Education courses developed by SAIL Centre, Surat.
  • Offer courses in Vedic Studies & Literature, Ayurveda, Jyotisha, etc.
  • Offer courses in Sanskrit Grammar, Etymology, Linguistics and Philosophy of Language.
  • Development of a network of instructors and educators.
  • Development of video and audio resource library and creation of educational and documentary films in Integral education.
  • Customized consulting, counselling and instruction for individuals or small groups. [fee-based + CE credit, where feasible]

Phase II: Years 4-5

  • Once on-line learning environment is stabilized, shift increasingly to subjective approaches to knowledge.
  • Broaden offerings of programs, courses, conferences, etc.
  • Offering of educational and documentary films in Integral Yoga
  • Other Phase II initiatives to be determined throughout Phase I.

Creation of online courses for MOOCs on:

  • Integral Education
  • Sanskrit Studies
  • Indian Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Language in Indian Perspective
  • Other courses after the approval of the statutory bodies from 2019 onwards.