Understanding what an institute is all about should be on the top of every student’s list looking for admission. No matter what field you are looking at, you should pay attention to how well that college or school can provide you with the education. You should be looking for more from the top University in Gujarat or indeed India.

However, what most students get wrong regarding that is that they evaluate only the curriculum or just the praise or awards that the institute has received

How good is AURO University?

That would be the obvious question raised by students before enrolling for their education at the University. And it should be so. No child should just blindly seek admission in a college based on some random recommendation.

Even AURO has been awarded in multiple categories across multiple disciplines. But as we have mentioned before that alone cannot be a rightful examination of the capabilities of a university. For Example, AURO University is the first UGC recognized university in South Gujarat.

Even though that is a significant status for any University, that alone is not enough. So, mentioned below are the programs, the faculties and the features that AURO University offers to its students.

  1. School of Business

With prestigious programs like MBA, BBA and others, the School of Business was established in 2011 to impart quality education to business management students. With a cache of Professors like Dr Monika Suri, Dr Vipin Agrawal and Dr Meghna Dangi at the helm, AURO has a team of dedicated educators to provide you with the ultimate business education.

  1. School of Hospitality Management

Led by Professor Amreesh Misra, the School of Hospitality Management offers distinct BSc, MSc and PGD courses in the field. In association with Marriott India, AURO offers focused and extensive learning to its students. AURO has established itself as one of the best hospitality management colleges in India.

  1. School of Information Technology

The School of Information Technology provides holistic education to students with an integrative and application-centric approach to the subject matter. With multiple Integrated, Bachelor and Master courses, AURO is equipped to push you forward as the industry leader with its status as a prominent BSc college in Surat.

  1. School of Law

With LLB, PGD and BA LLB courses, the School of Law was established in 2012 to impart contemporary legal and ethical knowledge of the Indian Legislation. Learning is conducted not just through traditional classroom lectures but also through Moot Courts, Case Studies, Judgment Review & Analysis, Projects and Assignments.

  1. School of Design

As expected of any prominent design colleges in India, AURO has not held back. Educators from AURO University ensures that students aren’t just confident in the class with their knowledge but pushing out in the field after graduation.

  1. School of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences

Megh Goswami leads the School of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences in a direction that is geared toward human development as a whole. It follows an interdisciplinary and comparative approach in its courses like BA, BA (Hons) and Integrated MA to deliver the knowledge for the benefit of students.

  1. School of Journalism & Mass Communication

Professors like Jumana Shah are pushing the School of Journalism & Mass Communication towards new heights. Through their experiential learning, courses like BA, BJMC and MJMC are producing students who can reach new heights in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication.

  1. School of Sciences

Academicians like Nuclear Physicist Dr Nikit N. Deshmukh are the pride of the School of Sciences who ensure that students acquire and generate scientific knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in their respective fields.

All of these Schools come together at AURO to form an institute suited to every student’s need. Even internationally recognised institutes like Universita di Roma, Università Degli Studi Di Torino, IMI among many are collaborating with AURO to deliver the best education.

AURO’s dedication is not limited to education. With placement partners like Byju’s, Axis Bank, Taj groups and other prominent names, AURO ensures a bright future for its students.

The evaluation of AURO ensures one thing, it is among the best colleges you can enrol in. So, choose AURO to kick-start your successful future!