‘When the mind is still then the truth gets her chance to be heard in the purity of silence'
- Sri Aurobindo

WHO predicts that by 2020 mental illness will go from the 20th to the 2nd largest illness worldwide. The mental health scenario in India indicates that 70 million people in a country of 1 billion populations are affected with some form of mental illness. Mental health facilities in India are still quite insufficient owing to the limited number of services being offered as well as, the inadequate number of trained and supervised professionals. The present education system puts a lot of students and parents under stress particularly during examinations and the results. Keeping in mind Auro University has taken a lead in addressing and caring the psychological needs of individuals across various groups and has adopted diverse strategies and solutions to address these needs.

AURO University’s Psychological Helpline – +91 9099913369 is a step to bridge this gap and provide help to distressed and people in need to be heard and counseled. It will provide a platform for everyone across the age group, gender and religion to feel better and uplift them from any kind of negativity. Despite these social views about themselves and their condition, people with mental illness believe that life is worth living. Behind their smiles, there is hope and behind hope there is life. It is this fragile hope that ‘life will get better’ that enables in the rise of persons with mental illness and to be with each other in silent, unspeakable moments of suffering. Auro feels proud to make its helpline open to all who wish to be cared and feel peace within themselves in the midst of challenging life situations.

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Ms Veena Vaishy

Counselling will be provided by Ms Veena Vaishy our eminent Psychologist with vast experience in corporates and education domain. She has coached and counseled over 7000 people across levels & functions. She specializes in psychotherapeutic interventions, behavioral coaching and counseling coupled along with training interventions. She strongly believes in empowering every individual to attain the Inner Peace by aligning and strengthening their mind, body and soul. She has been extensively involved in working with Corporate Employees, Senior Management, Entrepreneurs, Students, Parents and Teachers for enhancing their emotional, physical as well as psychological wellbeing.

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