India has been considered, around the globe, as the land of the learned for decades and centuries. From Aryabhatta to Takshshila University, our contributions to the domain of knowledge have been immense. Even today, many national universities are a hub for numerous foreign students to gain education in their selected fields. A degree from good Indian institutes is also held in high regard at many companies and organizations overseas.

However, with the entry of the COVID-19 virus in 2020, when the pandemic forced the government as well as the masses to stay within the safety of their homes and restricted the outward movement, an existing technology came to the aid of our educators. While online learning had already existed for a few years now, it was this lockdown that really gave it a boost to reach every student across the country.

What Is Online Learning?

Online or Web-based learning is the system of education where knowledge is imparted by the teachers through internet services and portals.

The equipment and the know-how of the same have been around for some time now but were being used by only a handful of institutions.

Several educational bodies have now started conducting classes online for varied subjects, from Mathematics to Languages to Sciences.

The rapid transition of this digitalization from a necessity towards ease is however being observed every day. Even though it started as a compulsion, it is swiftly becoming the preferred mode of receiving education. It is not just limited to students either – many professionals are also making use of this facility to upskill themselves and gain more expertise.


Advantages Of E-Learning

Amidst a sea of benefits being reaped from the new technological upgrade in the field of training and instruction, the following are some of the key upsides.

Freedom of Choice of Subject

Often it has been noticed that a student fails to opt for the subjects he or she wishes to study because either the college doesn’t have it on roll, or the fees is too high or moving to a different locale or city/ country is not possible for them. However, with online means of education, one can take classes regardless of the place they are at, at relatively affordable costing from a university that could be across the world.

Learn On the Go

Whether you’re travelling or attending a boring family function, all that you need to attend your classes is a mobile/ laptop device and an internet connection. Missing important classes because you’re running late is now a thing of the past. Most e-learning platforms record their classes for the ease of the students to attend and revise the course at a later date. This also enables the participants to attend the lecture at a later time in case they have some other pressing engagement during class timings.

Set your Own Pace

When you have pre-recorded material available, it is easier to study at one’s own pace. Everyone has a different speed of grasping and understanding concepts and ideas and online lessons ensure that each learner can do so by setting their own speed. This also helps pupils to learn more or less in a day, but more effectively.

Global Platform

E-learning was earlier established to facilitate distance learning courses. This was important because as discussed above, sometimes the courses one requires are unavailable in their vicinity. Thus a global platform where the student can learn a course being taught in any corner of the world was a boon for numerous scholars.

Save Money

Online lessons are often more affordable and pocket-friendly as compared to in-person ones. This is due to the reduction of a lot of factors that add up to the course’s cost – infrastructure for the class, travelling cost and even hostel fee in many cases. This access to budget and yet, quality education is a combination every student desires.

In The End

Digital means of receiving an education are on a constant up-and-up and it seems this trend is here to stay. Upgrading your skills and knowledge base through online classes is proving to be a much more efficient and effective way of upskilling oneself alongside other responsibilities as well.