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Unique Methodology

The academic curriculum and pedagogy at AU is designed to challenge students and provide them with a strong foundation to build exciting careers. It features:

an emphasis on analyzing problems, generating key insights and implementing creative solutions. Examination of new business ideas is at the core of AURO's curriculum, and students will often encounter situations for which there are no pre-determined answers. An AURO degree helps you develop clarity of thinking and desicion making.

a curriculum designed to strike the right balance between theory and practice, enhancing knowledge and skills while also encouraging experimentation in a low-risk environment.

the opportunity to study how business is conducted across borders, in a global marketplace.

discussion and debate in an academic environment, where professors and students encourage each other to uncover new ideas and find creative solutions to challenging problems.

mental, physical and vital education integrated into the curriculum, both inside and outside the classroom environment, helping students develop an appropriate life balance.

experiential learning integrated into each module of the program, with an emphasis on bridging the gap between theory and practice.

learning how to build a new business through constant interactions with innovative entrepreneurs and interning with diverse companies through our Career Development Center.

equipping students to thoughtfully consider the competing demands of business, individuals and society at large.