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Mr. Megh Goswami

  | School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences

Mr. Megh Goswami (Assistant Professor - School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences)

Mr. Megh Goswami is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, Auro University. He has presented a number of papers at National and International seminars in the field of Indian Psychology, Therapeutic Methods, and Interdisciplinary Areas with Philosophy. Mr. Goswami completed his Masters and Graduation [Psychology (Hons.)] from the University of Rajasthan. His areas of interest include Existential Psychology, Indian Psychology, Buddhist Philosophy, Absurdism, Cognitive Science, Health, and Nutrition. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. from the Department of Psychology, University of Rajasthan and intends to develop a model of psychotherapy that includes the socio-cultural complexities of the Indian sub-continent which are often neglected in Western models.