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Mr. Avinash Engineer

  | School of Design

Mr. Avinash Engineer (Associate Professor)

Mr. Avinash received a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from CEPT University after which he worked in architecture firms in Surat and Goa.

Concerns for Sustainably built environments and appropriate construction technologies led him to participating in workshops conducted at Auroville, Bengaluru, Nagpur and Hyderabad.
Growing interests in natural resource management, conservation and restoration, along with a strong inclination towards understanding ecology and ecosystems drove him to pursue a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture.
For past eight years, he has been teaching at various Design and Architecture colleges. He emphasizes Hands-on working with materials and deeper exploration into processes and techniques. This is linked to the idea of efficient and ethical design which lies at the core of both environmentally conscious and environment-responsive design.