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Student Activities

At AURO the focus is on holistic development of every individual and not purely on academics. We strongly believe that in order to build a community it is essential for all stakeholders to participate and interact beyond the confines of the classroom. A variety of cultural, social, athletic and academic clubs and societies is available for AURO students, staff and faculty. The activities on campus are focused on allowing every individual to express his or her talents and to encourage them to attempt new pursuits within a safe and supportive environment.

Social Clubs

AUHFTP Student Chapter 114

HFTP is the premier global professional association serving members in hospitality careers. Since 1952, HFTP's mission has been to provide members with superior networking opportunities, industry-leading events, comprehensive certification programs, unique educational opportunities, and other essential resources for professional growth. HFTP introduced its first student chapter in India as the AURO University HFTP Student Chapter – 114 established on 8th August 2012. Visit AUHFTP Page

Athletics/Sports Club

The Athletics/Sports Clubs provide students with avenues to excel on the field. A wide variety of sports facilities including cricket, basketball, badminton, soccer, volleyball, field hockey, lacrosse, track and field activities, and more are available to students. A well-equipped gymnasium allows students to beat stress and keep active through the year. These clubs facilitate participation and organize inter-university and inter-collegiate sports activities.

Music Club

The objective of this club is to help people develop their interest in music or to nurture their existing interest in any field of music. Members of the club can learn from each other and develop their individual abilities and skills. The club has a keen focus on the various forms of Indian classical music, many of which face the threat of becoming forgotten art forms. The club facilitates member interaction with the larger music community, besides ensuring that there are enough avenues for members to display their creativity within the AURO community.

Dramatics Society

The Dramatics Society allows students to express their talents on stage. The Dramatics Society educates members on various on-stage techniques through interactions with professional theatre artists. It also allows students to experiment with various genres of theatre and to present their productions to the larger AURO community.

Dance Club

The objective of the Dance Club is to nurture talent, celebrate diversity and give expression to creativity. Members can learn, participate and engage in various dance forms through structured activities.

Visual Arts Society

The Visual Arts Society is centered on creating environments and fostering talent related to traditional and modern forms of visual art. It encourages the expression of various art forms, whether modern or traditional. The Society focuses on peer learning and showcasing students' art to the larger AURO community.

Literary Society

With a view to encourage individuals who have a flair for creative writing, poetry, literature appreciation, the Literary Society provides a platform for individuals to express themselves.

Photography Club

Photography is a unique, creative medium of self expression, which requires aesthetic as well as technical skills. The AURO Photography Club is for anyone who loves photography. The Club encourages both film and digital photography, and a student who does not have a camera but is keen to learn and experiment, can also borrow one from the Club.

Debating Society

The Debating Club provides a forum through which students can polish their analytical and oratory skills. The ability to understand, analyze and form opinions, and express ones thoughts is an enriching experience and gives unmatched opportunities to build confidence and fulfill aspirations.

The Culinary Society

The Culinary Society allows members to discover of varied cuisines and cultures that are inexorably linked to cuisine. While students in the hotel school go through coursework linked to food and lifestyle, the Culinary Society presents a great opportunity for even business students to learn and appreciate cuisine. Various events are organized through the year by this Society.

Outdoors / Adventure Club

This club is all about the outdoors and provides an avenue for students to participate in activities such as camping, hiking, trekking, river rafting, mountaineering, paragliding, and others.

The AURO Sketch Comedy Group

The Sketch Comedy Group at AURO writes, performs and produces original sketch comedy. The Group puts on shows for the AURO community every term.

Professional Clubs

Professional clubs on campus focus on providing students with avenues to learn and interact outside the classroom in several chosen professional fields. These Professional Clubs cover various verticals such as:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Real Estate
  • General Management
  • Media
  • Retail, and many more

Students will also have the freedom to form new clubs depending on the interest levels and motivation among the larger student body.