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Vice Chancellor's Welcome

AURO University is a space for meaningful knowledge transactions which include: acquisition of knowledge, preservation of knowledge, creation of knowledge, dissemination and application of knowledge. It is a University with difference because apart from performing its diverse roles in the domains of knowledge transactions, it focuses on integral and transformational learning, inspired by the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo’s vision of integral education. The University believes in holistic development of learners’ physical, mental, vital and spiritual aspects in terms of their physical, emotional, aesthetic, intellectual, relational, moral and spiritual well-being, and thereby transform them into future leaders.

‘AURO’ means ‘dawn’. AURO University is a new ‘dawn’ of integral education. In the course of time, with sincere efforts of its students and faculty, it is expected to become mainstream education system because human history informs us that mere knowledge is not ultimate destination of humankind. It goes beyond knowledge to wisdom and integral vision of life. ‘A’ of AURO stands for ‘Act’, ‘U’ for ‘Understanding’, ‘R’ for ‘Realization’ and ‘O’ for ‘Organization.’ To ‘act’ is to be. To act is to perform, and to perform is to transform. The nature of our actions conditions our character. This is what shapes our character which is a habit long continued. It is character that leads to excellence, provided attended by ethics. ‘Understanding’ is integral to human evolution. It comes from experience, observation and learning from cultural traditions and wisdom of seers. ‘Realization’ refers to the faculty or consciousness that informs us about human existence in this universe and understanding of interrelatedness of all living and innate beings. It ultimately results in optimum realization of human potential. Finally, to ‘organize’ is to organize one’s life organically and holistically and march towards the destination of integral life and well-being. With this perspective in view, AURO University wants its learners to be integral beings who along with academic excellence would be value based leaders of tomorrow.

With focus on achieving and sustaining excellence in learning processes, outreach activities beyond its walls, collaborations at national and international levels, and creation of knowledge through interdisciplinarity, innovation and research, AURO University wants to be a premier University of integral learning.

In consonance with is vision, AURO University aims at making sincere attempts for bringing about ‘a big change’ in the domain of education. We need to be ready for it, and participate in it. The Mother had stated it in larger context:

‘The world is preparing for a big change.
Will you help?’

AURO wants all like-minded people to join this yagna.

On behalf of the AURO University family, it is my privilege, as I welcome all of you to the University, to solicit your ‘help’ and cooperation in realizing the vision of integral and holistic education for new generations of people in India and beyond its shores.