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Vice Chancellor's Welcome

It is my great privilege to welcome you to Auro University, one of the most exciting interventions in higher education, a place where we transform our learners into leaders!

Auro University was founded for a special purpose, i.e., to create visionary leaders for the twenty first century and beyond. We are committed to fulfilling its mission of becoming the premier institution of learning committed to value-based, holistic education and leadership development inspired by the ideas of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The University graduates students who are transformed intellectually (as rigorous, critical thinkers), vitally (as emotionally intelligent and sensitive to all things), physically (since the body is the instrument of all change), and spiritually (because all beings have an inner life and deeper purpose). Through the acquisition of this orientation, Auro graduates are able to impact their world in enduring ways, based on human values accepted and celebrated universally.

In all of these experiences, the University’s faculty members facilitate learning, and create new forms of knowledge and innovations to define the cutting-edge of their respective fields. This allows them to inspire our students to greater heights at all levels, to serve as mentors, guides, and friends. In doing all this, the University serves the interests of all of its stakeholders: the students, faculty, families, industry—and society at large.

In many ways, Auro University serves as a bridge between the past (which has taught humanity many lessons), and the future, which is full of possibilities if we know how to harness them. We have developed world-class infrastructure, and are growing rapidly. This is allowing the University to make its impact felt at all levels. Our campus is enlivening, as are the opportunities we provide for a range of extra-curricular activities that engage students’ many talents and interests. It is a friendly, open, and welcoming place, combining a strong sense of community with an abiding commitment rigor and excellence in all spheres.

Please visit us, explore our campus, immerse yourself in our ethos, and join us in our transformative journey into a better, more successful and humane future.