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Message from the President

It is my privilege and joy to welcome you to AURO University.

AURO University is inspired by the vision and teachings of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh and The Divine Mother. Sri Aurobindo said: "Man is a Transitional Being and is not at the zenith of his Evolution." AURO University recognizes that each individual is a soul in evolution and needs to develop the entire personality around that innermost soul. We strive to help students grow to become active participants and conscious collaborators in the on-going process of human evolution.

AURO University will encourage, enable and empower students to discover themselves and reach their highest potential by imbibing our core values through self discipline, self control and self transformation. At AURO, our members of faculty and staff act as friends, philosophers and guides to prepare each student to face the challenges of a fast, dynamic and ever-changing material world.

Based on my background and experience over the years, I strongly believe that success is overcoming one's own limitations, barriers and weaknesses irrespective of one's station in life as a student, parent, spouse, professional or businessman. We sincerely hope to help students overcome the barriers that hold them back and experience the joy of achieving success through learning - the joy of becoming a leader and change-maker.

Above all, AURO University is an environment of creative energy and collaboration, driven by the power of ideas, built through the dedication of our founders, faculty, administration, community, and, most important of all, our students. We are committed to making AURO University a source of inspiration and knowledge. We hope to have the opportunity to have you here with us through these crucial years of your intellectual, social and spiritual growth, and look forward to a lifelong relationship.