To be a premier University of Integral and Transformational Learning for future leaders.


A center for value based education, the University is focused on providing to:

an environment for self-development; an institution that nurtures their potential based on their aptitudes and interests.

a platform to be mentors and guides who shape the country’s future leaders by imparting knowledge and skills; opportunities for research on emerging trends and industry practices.

The Industry and Community
students with intellectual competence, reality-based knowledge and personal integrity; students who strive for excellence and aspire to become socially responsible leaders.

Value Based Education

Our value based education is driven by our mission of providing integral and transformational education to our students. We firmly believe that education must not be limited purely to academic learning. At AURO, our focus will be to develop all faculties of an individual to ensure holistic development.

Mental Education
to develop high levels of concentration, power of observation, analytical organization, decision-making skills, and, most importantly, faculties of creativity and intuition.

Vital Education
for the development of one’s character. Learning how to build and manage relationships and controlling emotions. The development of faculties for the appreciation of drama, music, arts, sports and the drive for self perfection as an individual.

Physical Education
for agility, strength, flexibility, team building and collaboration.

Spiritual Education
for the growth of consciousness from a lower to higher level and for the development of deeper and larger values