Online Short term courses

Today, the world is going through a serious critical face of COVID-19 Pandemic and us humans are trying to win over it. Though within such challenging situations something positive we all make effort for. This phase has make to go the world online for which IT had to play an aggressive key role. On such basis, School of IT, AURO University has initiated few effective online short-term courses. These courses can create an opportunities to capitalize onto the ongoing accumulated data available from COVID-19.

The objective of these IT short-term online courses is for learning the latest technologies. One will be enable to know how one can apply this onto the massive data and technologies, which are currently available. These courses will uplift one’s knowledge belonging to any profession to enhance for their productivity.

These online courses has been crafted by the enriched experienced IT-professional of School of IT, AURO University.

These courses are open for any whosoever is interested in learning the latest IT development even for employability. Though, the emphasis for higher standards for students in school till graduation level of any college/institution/university.

The School of IT, AURO University welcomes and find pleasure for whosoever join in will definitely take the advantage in leading their lives in advancement with such IT awareness.

Duration: 10-32 Hours

This program of online short-term courses is constituted with the following modules (subjects):-

  • To bring the awareness of dynamic feels exist in IT era of today.
  • How much and how far this digital functionality of carrying out to facilitate each individual around the world.
  • Understand Data Science and Data Analytics and its importance and future.
  • Importance of implementing data analytics in business and research purposes of all types
  • Describe various basic security practices (e.g. strong passwords, firewalls, account controls, file privacy, etc.)
  • Differentiate the various types of security from a computer systems perspective (e.g. wireless security, email security, etc.)
  • Identify the architecture and infrastructure of cloud computing, including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, etc.
  • Apply and design suitable Virtualization concept, Cloud Resource Management and design scheduling algorithms
  • Develop the skills to gain a basic understanding of neural network theory and fuzzy logic theory.
  • Explore the functional components of neural network classifiers or controllers, and the functional components of fuzzy logic classifiers or controllers.
Python for financial Analysis32 Hours6000 Rs.
Supply Chain and Blockchain Technology in Retail Industry30 Hours6000 Rs.
Data Analytics7-10 Hours1200 Rs.
Cyber Security7-10 Hours1200 Rs.
Cloud Computing7-10 Hours1200 Rs.
Artificial Intelligence-Neural Networks and Fuzzy logic7-10 Hours1200 Rs.