Dr Om Dwivedi

A book titled “Humanrights in Postcolonial India” (Routledge: London & New York), 2016

An article titled “Bombay and the Phantasm of Apocalypse in Manil Suri’s The City of Devi” in Indian Journal of English Studies (All India English Teachers’ Association), 2015

Journal Edited: Inaugural issue of Journal of Alterity Studies and World Literature (Australia), 2017

Mr Raghunandan Reddy

A paper entitled “Hegemonic masculinity or masculine domination: Towards a comprehensive social theory of gender” in the International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, an Emerald Publishing journal (SCOPUS indexed and ABDC ‘B’ ranked journal).

Dr. Gurvinder Ahluwalia

Psychological Test

  • Psychological Test – ‘Spiritual Quotient’ (2015), India.


  • Book entitled- ‘Spiritual Intelligence-The way to discover our true-self’ (2015), ISBN No: 9788170263517with Heritage Publishers, New Delhi, India.

Papers Published in National / International Journal(s) :  

> Paper published in International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research (Scopus Journal), E-ISSN: 2277-8616, Vol.-08, Issue-12, 2785-2788, Dec. 2019 on the topic: Spiritual Intelligence in Relation to Expansion and Extension of Potentials in Ageing. SJIF Impact Factor: 7.466

URL: http://www.ijstr.org/final-print/dec2019/Spiritual-Intelligence-In-Relation-To-Expansion-And-Extension-Of-Potentials-In-Ageing.pdf

> Paper published in ‘Asian Journal of Science and Technology’, ISSN: 0976-3376, Vol.-09, Issue-12, 9073-9078, Dec., 2018 issue, on the topic: The Potential Role and Activation of Pineal Gland. SJIF Impact Factor : 6.946.

URL: http://www.journalajst.com/sites/default/files/issues-pdf/6622.pdf.

> Paper published in ‘International Journal of Current Research in Life Sciences’, ISSN: 22319-9490, Vol.-07, No.-08, 2531-2535, August, 2018 issue, on the topic: Spiritual Wellness and Holistic Personal Growth. SJIF Impact Factor : 7.749.

URL: http://www.ijcrls.com/sites/default/files/issues-pdf/01544.pdf.

> Paper published in ‘International Journal of Social Science and Interdisciplinary Research’, ISSN: 2277 – 677X, Vol.-3, No.-3, 50-60, July-Sept, 2014 issue, on the topic: Spiritual Intelligence – A Philosophical and Psychological Perspective. SJIF Impact Factor : 3.454.         

>Paper published in ‘University News – A Journal of Higher Education’, ISSN: 0566 – 2257, 19-26, Jan 2014 issue, on the topic: Spiritual Intelligence – A Definition, Stages, Model, Developmental-Practices and its Personal-Social-Educational Implications.

>Paper published in ‘Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal’,  ISSN (Online) : 2347 – 6915, Vol. 1, issue 2, 55-64,  Dec, 2013 issue, on the topic: Spiritual Knack Model – The Fourteen Dimensions of Spiritual Intelligence.  SJIF Impact Factor : 1.080.


Paper published in ‘International Journal of Social Science and Interdisciplinary Research’, ISSN : 2277 – 677X, Vol. 1, No 4, 34-41, Oct-Dec, 2012 issue, on the topic: Developing a Measure to Assess Spiritual Quotient in the Indian Context (based on my doctoral research work). SJIF Impact Factor : 3.454.