Teaching is more complicated than any of us understand. There are as many methods of teaching as there are teachers. One method that is well known and praised throughout the teaching culture is Value Based Learning. The approach is known to provide more positive results with all of the known methods.

AURO University in Surat is one among few to utilise the learning method to the optimal. Their focus on providing students with the best possible learning experience for future industry leaders. AURO’s result with students emerging high in their professional life is a testament to their dedication to student-focused learning

How AURO University is the right way forward for you!

AURO is an excellent University in Gujarat, a status achieved through dedication and continuous work towards improving their teaching standards. It is the first UGC recognized university in South Gujarat. This status puts them high even among prolific universities in India.

The groundwork that AURO has been involved in has raised its status among students and academics in India. Some of their dedication is reflected in the services and facilities that they provide to students upon enrolling

While their focus and commitment is beyond a simple list, some reflection of their work can be seen through features like,

Value Based Learning

One of the strongest points that AURO University stands on is their learning module geared towards Value Based Learning. Their integral and transformational teaching pattern is designed to engrain the knowledge for the future. AURO focuses on the Holistic Development of the future.

Based on the four principles of Mental Education, Vital Education, Physical Education and Spiritual Education, AURO ensures all aspects of the student’s personality are developed and refined. Mental Education focuses on the power of observation, concentration, decision-making skills and faculties of creativity and intuition.

Similarly, Vital Education is focused on the development of an individual’s character. Controlling emotions and developing an appreciation of arts are taught to improve individualistic characteristics.

Physical Education on the other hand is oriented for the development of agility, flexibility, strength, collaboration and team building. Spiritual Education is oriented towards the growth of sub-consciousness from a low to a high level.

Programs for All 

AURO’s Value Added Education is felt throughout all the programs they offer. No sector of learning is left out. With Schools of Business, Hospitality Management, Information Technology, Law, Design, Liberal Arts & Human Sciences, Journalism & Mass Communication and Sciences, AURO provides its guidance in all. 

Even a dedicated Fine Arts Centre is established to provide selected education in the Photography field. AURO offers an array of courses, from one-year diplomas to five-year

specialisation courses in multiple fields. A dedicated Ph D program has been established for students who are interested in research and academia for the creation of knowledge.

Faculties that make an impact

AURO’s team of progressive faculty is majorly responsible for the growth of the students and the institute in general. Led by Dr Rohit Singh, Dean Academics, he is also a Professor of Marketing who shares his insights and knowledge with the students regularly. His dedication to providing the best in class education is responsible for him getting down and working with the students.

Professor Amreesh Misra, Krishna Shashtri, Sudhir Andrews, Monika Suri, Sudhir Andrews and Dr Surendra Sundarajan are among many prolific and prominent names teaching students from their experience and expertise. These professors are not just limited to the bookish ideology, it’s a beyond classroom experience at AURO. Their dedication to embedding knowledge that is essential to the industry and contemporary in nature sets them apart.

It is not just the working faculty at AURO that is essential to student learning. Mr Kaivalya Smart, Professor Sharad Joshi and Halina Marlewicz are just as focused on providing quality education to the students of the University.

Events & Highlights

AURO is not just a host to learning and teaching for the students. Various events and activities are organised on the university grounds that add to the personality development of the students. Among many are events like National Budding Chef Competition, National Moot Court Competition, National Conference on Law & Justice, Cultural Evening, and Inter-University AD Making Competition that add to the cultural development.

Festivals like Youth Fest “ARTH”, Youth Parliament “Sakshm” and Annual Sports Day “Utsah” are just as entertaining and important in self-development. Their impact is felt throughout the personality developing years of the students.

International Relations 

AURO’s reach is not limited to just the national level. Their efforts are recognised internationally and its involvement is appreciated too. Their association with internationally acclaimed institutes like the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, San Diego University, University of Northampton, International Management Institute, Switzerland and other renowned names in education adds another layer to AURO’s educational capabilities. 

The association is reflective of their importance and regard among the well-known names. This recognition then in turn brings importance to the education received by students graduating from AURO University.

Facilities to benefit 

AURO University is fully networked and air-conditioned with seamless and wireless internet connectivity. There are even dedicated learning spaces with advanced video conferencing and networking facilities. A Virtual Learning Environment is provided to students to stay connected to the classroom regularly. 

An Automated Learning Resource Center has been established to provide an online and offline learning experience to students for their benefit. All of the books, data and information have been virtualised onto an online catalogue for students to access. 

All of these facilities are geared and optimised to ease and improve the learning experience of students at AURO University. 

Placements & Awards 

AURO’s involvement and efforts are not just limited to the duration of the program cycle. The institute ensures that students are confident of their future and the knowledge guiding them towards it. Placement opportunities are endless for students at AURO. Companies like Oyo, Byjus, Axis Bank, Taj groups and other prominent names are a common sight at AURO’s Placement drive.

The efforts of AURO University have been recognised with awards like Best University in the use of Technology in Teaching, Best Management Institution, Best University in Value-Based Education, Best University in Hospitality Management Award to their name. 

How is AURO leaving a positive impact on your future! 

Students graduating from AURO have benefitted not just professionally but also mentally and spiritually in their pursuit of a better life. They return to AURO to impart that experience and knowledge to future industry leaders. That is why AURO is essential. Not just for your education, but also for your future. 

So, make the right choice with AURO University!