Program Highlights

Integrated M. Sc. – Physics is a five-year integrated programme undergraduate program consisting of theory and experimental courses mainly from Physics and other interdisciplinary courses from Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Science. Physics is the branch of science that studies different laws of nature operating at length scales ranging from the sub-atomic level to the entire universe. The scope of Physics is very broad. The core areas of the course consist of Classical and Quantum Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Thermal and Statistical Physics, Wave theory and Optics, Digital Electronics, and specialized methods of Mathematical Physics.

Through the course curriculum and the opportunities to conduct individual research and field trips, the students get holistic all-round development. The program is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation to the subject, which helps them to develop the skills and ability to successfully continue with further studies and research in the subject. They will also gain expertise in lab work through ample practical sessions training them at conception design and fabrication of laboratory equipment. The programme trains graduates to establish entry-level careers in the government and private sectors.

Career path you can choose after the course

● Astrophysicist
● Radiologist
● Geophysicist
● Medical Physicists
● Research Scientist
● Lecturer/Teacher
● Technical Writer
● Data Scientist

Eligibility Criteria

  • Successful Completion of class XII (10 +2) or equivalent examination in (PCM / PCB) with 60% aggregate marks or equivalent grade. Students expecting their result in July 2020 may also apply for provisional admission.
  • In case the students have received the class XII certificate from abroad or has been an IB student and has been received, an IB diploma an equivalent certificate issued from Association of Indian University (AIU) must be attached with application form.

Selection Procedure

Applications will be shortlisted based on:

  • Past academic credentials.
  • Completion of Application Form including Statement of Purpose.
  • Score of any Under GraduateNational Level Aptitude Test
  •  Personal Interview.