The Tourism and Hospitality sectors were on a steady rise before the downfall of movement due to the Pandemic. It was one of the most important sectors helping our country’s economy grow. Especially due to India being one of the hotspots for tourism.So, it would be natural for a student interested in the field to look for good colleges where they can pursue the knowledge to become efficient professionals. The college must be able to deliver quality education along with the much important practical handling of the subject matter.There are Hospitality Management courses in the country that cater to various aspects of management and service opening up a wide array of career choices for the discerning student. However, it is essential for students to choose the right one with the right college.

AURO’s School of Hospitality Management

AURO is one of the prime institutes for education in Gujarat. In fact, it is the first private institute in South Gujarat to be recognized by the UGC. This certification along with all of their awards and accolades makes them one of the best institutes in Gujarat for any form of education.

However, for any student pursuing a particular degree, awards and accolades are secondary. What they desire to know about is what the college offers in terms of education and facilities to ease their experience. This is one of many aspects where AURO stands on top of other institutes.

Here are a few factors that every student should read through before enrolling with AURO

Facilities & Infrastructure

The first thing you see when visiting a college is its infrastructure. While first impressions stick, it is the utility of those facilities that are important for any student. AURO’s School of Hospitality Management rides the wave on both fronts being a striking piece of architecture as well functional in terms of the learning experience.

Besides the excellent campus that will burn your memories with good experiences, it is the utilitarian nature that students appreciate more. From labs, libraries to conference halls and auditoriums, the School of Hospitality management utilizes all of the features to organize seminars and lectures to improve students’ knowledge.

Courses to Pursue

AURO also believes in providing an opportunity to all. Therefore a vast array of courses are covered by the School of Hospitality Management that ensure that every field and sector are provided with a chance to learn with the AURO Advantage.

Courses include B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc Hospitality Management (1 & 2 Years), M.SC International Hospitality & Tourism Management, PGD Events Management, and PGD Bakery & Patisserie. It’s not just limited to this. There are doctoral programs along with integrated programs for those who want the additional advantage.

Teaching Pedagogy

AURO understands that quality should be preferred over quantity. All of these courses are taught with equal quality due to the teaching pedagogy at the School of Hospitality Management. The curriculum has a dynamic design that adopts and facilitates industry requirements.

Additionally, the School of Hospitality Management organizes industrial visits that keep the students motivated as well as informed about the ongoing working of the industry. Workshops are also organized with experienced industry professionals who impart their knowledge of the profession.

Campus Culture

All work and no play is not the experience you get at AURO University’s School of Hospitality Management. The campus culture at AURO is refined to deliver an unforgettable experience for students involved. Cultural activities are organized to keep things fresh and implement management and leadership skills through casual and engaging activities.

Art, Design, Dance, Dramatics, Music, Photography and many other enriching activities are a part of student life at AURO. Sports and Athletic activities and events are also a part of life on campus. These activities ensure physical enrichment along with mental and spiritual.

Placements & Internships

AURO takes care of its own even after their graduation. The placement cell at the university ensures that students get the right job opportunities in line with their preferences and skills. They also help prepare students for their interviews so that the opportunities can be captured through professionalism and practice.

Additionally, Paid Internship opportunities for 1-year is provided to students. The internship is for the third year of the program with various reputed 5-star hotels in countries like the USA, New Zealand, France, and Malaysia. The prominent recruiters include names like Hyatt, Fairfield by Marriott, Courtyard by Marriott, Renaissance Hotels, and AURO Hotels.

AURO University also has a partnership with Marriott International due to an MOU signed between the two. The collaboration would be beneficial to both in terms of creating better working professionals. Through internship opportunities, guest talks, career planning workshops and placement prospects, both partners would be able to contribute greatly towards the hospitality industry.

Faculty that cares

What makes a difference in the life of students are teachers. The knowledge they impart along with the education and personal touch is essential in shaping them into better people. Teachers at AURO are experts who deliver just that experience to students.

The faculty is dedicated to providing holistic development by imparting knowledge from their colourful career in the industry and academics. Chef Jignesh R. Mistry, Ms Amrita Singh, Prof. Sudhir Andrews, and Prof. Amreesh Mishra are just some of the faculty members that students get a chance to learn from.

Recognition & Awards

It’s not just students who understand AURO’s dedication and determination to provide an excellent learning experience, but also reputed authorities. The ‘Overall Winner at Hospitality Ensemble Competition’, ‘Best University in Hospitality Management Award’, ‘Torchbearer Institute of Indian Tourism’ ‘Bronze Level at National Chef Competition’ and many more awards have been bestowed upon AURO throughout the years.

As a result of this recognition, AURO University’s School of Hospitality has skilled professionals who teach with their experience. Students receive training and education from some of the best professionals and academicians in the industry. These experts are trained internationally who impart their global level knowledge and skills to the students of the School of Hospitality.

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Why choose AURO?

Every activity, feature and facility that has been covered are all a package that every student of Hospitality Management experiences. It all comes together to not just improve a student’s professional life but also their personal life through the improvement of their personality.

AURO also provides Training in an On-Campus Hotel to the students. Focus at the School of Hospitality is on building strong fundamentals by providing experience-based learning using a variety of practical methods that go beyond the usual bookish learning.

This form of holistic development at AURO makes their students better persons that lead the industry with confidence and compassion. Compassion is also one of the most essential skills required for any professional in Hospitality Management.

So, if you are looking for more than an education, if you are looking for an experience that will enrich your life for years to come then AURO’s School of Hospitality Management is the right choice for you!