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The Integral Health and Wellness Centre is an initiative of the Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Centre (SAILC) at the Auro University. The programs of this Centre are based on the principles and practices of Integral Education with the primary objective of providing a balance of emotional, physical and mental development. Health has to be understood in the larger context of a harmonious integration of all aspects of the being — the emotional, the mental and the physical.

The Centre will be offering programs on mental and emotional health, body awareness, physical education and culture, food and nutrition, and healing. The Centre is also in the process of developing more programs based on traditional and contemporary approaches to health and physical development. The Physical Education and Culture curriculum at the Auro University will have a wide range of activities for the overall physical development of the students. Various capacities and skills of the body will be developed by providing a combination of indoor and outdoor activities.

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The Curriculum will include personal routine and discipline of the body, ability to endure mental and physical stress, mental alertness, leadership and team work, perseverance, responsibility and a positive attitude towards oneself. Developing balance, flexibility, strength, stamina, speed, agility, along with guidance for balanced diet and nutrition will be systematically woven into the curriculum.

The Curriculum will include practices like Yoga, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Marathon training, Pilates, and traditional Indian and Western dance forms. Highly qualified practitioners of these practices will be invited to work with the students.

The Centre will also provide opportunities for the students to interact with experts from various fields of physical and health education to understand the latest developments in physical education, training and sports. Specialised sports training facilities are also available at the campus. Basketball, Volley Ball, Cricket, Football, Athletics, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, Kabaddi, to name a few, are being taught by qualified coaches. Students are also encouraged to organise events themselves and participate in national sports events.

Sports Events

AURO realizes importance of physical health and wellness. Its physical education activities supported by indoor and outdoor facilities, sports grounds, game-rooms and gymnasium help in developing body consciousness.

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Sports Academic

Beyond academics, AURO University is always buzzing with new ideas like Box Cricket, Fun-fests, Fashion Shows, Food Bazaars, Idea Bazaars, Leadership Camps and many other exciting events. They provide opportunities for new friendships, creating team spirit and increasing social bandwidth.

Sports Health & Wellness

Due to its amicable people, Surat is amongstthe safest and peaceful cities. Surtis are fun loving people with family values and welcome outsiders with open arms. The modern Surat is a hub of activity, with modes of entertainment in the form of shopping, dining, and a plethora of events like marathons, cyclothons, start-up conclaves, comedy nights, flea markets amongst others.

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Food Services

Healthy and safe food services with all day dining and cafe.