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Workshop delivered by Dr Monika Suri & Mr. Gaurav Ashesh at GAIL, Hazira Compressor Station

The Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL), Surat, observed Vigilance Awareness Week-2017 on the theme "Business Progression through Ethical Management”. In order to facilitate the dissemination of information on this theme, a workshop was delivered by Dr Monika Suri, Head - School of Business & Mr. Gaurav Ashesh , Associate Professor, as resource persons from AURO University, Surat at GAIL, Hazira Compressor Station.

The major objectives of the workshop were sensitization on the core values, along with business ethics and business progression and awareness of qualities of good corporate citizen.The officials of the GAIL, chosen from the various functional departments, participated in this workshop and contributed towards the cause of advancing the best practices in the domain of business ethics at the GAIL.

AURO members were received very well by Mr N. B. Parmar, Manager (HR) who in turn introduced them to the various team members and the top management of the GAIL unit including Mr Albert Soreng, Chief Manager (NG P/L O&M) and Mr Mukesh Kumar Tiwari, General Manager (O&M-OIC).

"Pledge Ceremony"- Vigilance Awareness Week from 31st October to 5th November 2017

The entire nation is observing the Vigilance Awareness Week this year from 31st October to 5th November 2017. The theme for the week is "Public participation in promoting Integrity and eradicating Corruption". As per instructions from the Central Vigilance Commission, Auro University, Surat organized a pledge taking ceremony on 3 November 2017. The "Integrity Pledge" was taken by all the students as well as faculty members affirming their commitment to eradicate corruption and to uphold highest standards of ethical conduct, transparency and good governance.

The First Book Talk Event was held on 12th July 2017

To inculcate the reading habit and also to facilitate people to share the knowledge with others, library has initiated “Book Talk” event.
The first book talk event was held on 12th July 2017, Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. Avadhesh Singh had delivered talk on “Valmiki Ramayana as a site of Knowledge”.
With his vast knowledge on this great epic, in depth insights on Valmiki Ramayana enlightened us explained us somethings which we were heard of first time.

Dr. Singh has begun his talks on time period of Ramayana and said there is a little documentation about the life of Valmiki, historian and scholars have used the Ramayana to decipher the time period in which he lived. Scholars have narrowed down to around fourth century BC. Dr. Awadesh Singh has also introduced us the different versions of Ramayana popular in different parts of India like, Tulsi-Krta Ramayana of Gujarat, Saptakanda Ramayana of Assam, Kannassa Ramayana of Kerala and many more.
How sage Narada arrived at the hermitage of Valmiki to enlighten him, after this forest hunter Valmiki has become Maharishi Valmiki who authored epic Ramayana into 24000 verses divided into seven kandas and 500 sargas. The verses are written in a 32 syllable meter called Anustubh””. He also mentioned about Valmiki is first known literary genius and he has given the title the Adikavi.
He also explained how Valmiki Ramayana gave readers a chance to experience ancient Dharma culture and portrayed by various elements and values. He has narrated how the epic explored ideal relationships among mankind, the ideal man, and the constant battle between good and evil, relationships between father and son; brother and brother, friend and friend, and wife and husband.
Dr. Awadesh Singh has also narrated the events of Rama’s exile to forest and Rama ‘s quest for knowledge led him to visit sages lives in forest. During the journey to forest he visited Bhardwaj Muni Ashram to seek his guidance where to say in the Forest. Bhardwaj has advised him to live chitrakut. The best part of Rama being King he never complained about his exile. Raman even praised Kaikayee who is the prime reason for his exile after his return from exile.
The depiction of characters of Ramayana reflecting the moral values prevailed in that yuga. Though there are several versions Ramayana’s written by great poets, Valmiki Ramaya remains authentic source of epic Ramayana.

Book Talk by Prof Rohit Malhotra was held on 7 Sept 2017

The Second book talk was held on 7 Sept 2017. Prof. Rohit Malhotra had reviewed the book titled " Upside the downturn" authored by Geoff Calvin. Prof Malhotra has narrated, how companies adopted different styles of strategies during the great recession period for companies’ survival. He has explained how companies overcome the recession by resetting priorities. The book took real life practioner’s experiences, how they build resilient business which can sustain tough situations in uncertain future

Book Talk by Prof Vimal Shukla was held on 14 Sept 2017

The third book talk was held on 14 Sept 2017; Prof. Vimal Shukla had talked about the book titled "The new gold standard: 5 Leadership principles for creating legendary experience courtesy of the Ritz Carlton Hotel company" authored by Joseph a Mitchelli. Prof. Vimal had beautifully narrated how Ritz Carlton evolved the strategies for providing the ultimate guest experience to the customers and taken even small issue with utmost care and concern. How the Ritz Carlton has empowered the employees and encourages them to develop innovative actions in order to provide WOW feeling among the customers” please add or delete whatever you feel to do.

AURO University awarded "Overall Winner" 2017 @ Banarsidas Chandiwala Hospitality Ensemble

Team AURO University (School of Hospitality Management) participating in Banarsidas Chandiwala Hospitality Ensemble being held in Delhi from 11-13 October 2017, has won many awards. There were 37 hospitality institutions participating in the competition, team AURO consisting of following seven students participated:

Name of Students
1. Aarushi Agrawal 4th year B. Sc. HM
2. Vruta Patel 4th year B. Sc. HM
3. Saloni Patel 4th year B. Sc. HM
4. Faiz Shaikh 2nd year B. Sc. HM
5. Ujjwal Gulgulia 2nd year B. Sc. HM
6. Riya Naurang 2nd year B. Sc. HM
7. Kalindi Shah 1st year B. Sc. HM
Awards Won
1. Make-in-India. Innovative product business plan - Gold Medal
2. IHG Manage the damage - Case study solution - Gold Medal
3. Cake Decoration - Gold Medal
4. Anand Paneer Competition - Silver Medal
5. R-Pure Regional Cooking - Bronze Medal
6. Bae-Be-Que Competition - Bronze
7. Fruit and Vegetable Carving - Bronze

Total Three Gold, one Silver, and Three Bronze Medals

  • Student participating in IHG Manage the Damage competition was offered a job of Management Trainee by IHG Group
  • The student who presented the innovative business idea in Make-in-India competition received a standing ovation from the judges. She was offered collaborations by investors and government officials judging the competition.

Session on Life Journey of Shri Govindbhai Dholakia Venue: - Discovery, AURO University, Date: - 28th September 2017

On 28th September 2017, Shri Govindbhai Dholakia addressed the Business School Students of Auro University. He started his session with a Shloka. Although he declared that he did not have the opportunity for formal education and just had a certificate till the 6th grade, but was a well-read man as he has the entire Gita by heart.

Students really enjoyed his informal and frank approach of communication, he communicated in English, Hindi and Guajarati. The messages, which he gave, were primarily of his journey from his small village to the empire he has built. During this he emphasized on how he never compromised on his value system and also kept the entire family intact.

Students were flooded with questions to which he responded in a very amicable manner. The major takeaways, which were there from his sessions, were of how to derive respect from all, which was possible by only one single way of giving the same to others. His major emphasis was also on living a non-toxic life. He is an avid follower of Mahatma Gandhi’s readings and therefore elaborated on the mantra of his company – Shri Ramakrishna Exports Pvt Ltd: - “I am nothing … But I can do anything.”

The session lasted for 2 hours in total and not a minute of monotony existed. It was a highly interactive talk bundled with all his personal experiences and lessons of his life, which he narrated in a very comical way. This actually helped the student age group to connect instantly.

He has also expressed his consent to come again to the Campus to address the upcoming batched in future.

World Tourism Day was celebrated at AURO University, 27th September 2017

On the 27th of September 2017, World Tourism Day was celebrated at AURO University. The day was started by illuminating the students and the faculty of AURO University about the importance of sustainable tourism and the essence of World Tourism Day. We gathered around the reception area and pledged for sustainable tourism. As the day started on a positive note, the students of Hospitality Management were pumped with enthusiasm to continue this day with glee.

The event consisted of 3 events; essay writing competition on sustainable tourism, no flame cooking competition and poster making competition. In order to make this event more exciting we had a lucky draw sponsored by Cox and Kings Travels, and Sadbhavna Diamonds. The event started later in the afternoon at 2 p.m. and went on till 3 p.m. and the judging took place immediately after that. The results for all the events including the lucky draw were announced at 3:30 p.m.. This was the end of the celebration of World Tourism Day at our university.

The best part was that the students of all the schools of the university took part enthusiastically in all the events. This part had brought a lot of joy to all of us. At the end of the day everybody had come together to make this event a success.

Dr. Varsha Das Noted Art Critic and Former Director of National Book Trust, New Delhi, visited University on 16th September 2017

Dr. Varsha Das noted Art Critic and Former Director of National Book Trust, New Delhi, visited AURO university campus on 16th September 2017. She has extensive interaction with the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Avadhesh Kumar Singh and Dean-Academics, Dr. Rohit Singh and was very much impressed with the philosophy and vision of the University. and its implementation. Along with her visit to the campus she visited the AURO Arts Academy in which its coordinator Mr. Abhishek Jain briefed her about creative activities conducted by the academy.

Family Managed Business program commences at AURO University on 11th September, 2017

The PGDFMB program commenced on 11th September with an orientation session - chaired by Industry experts and leaders. They shared their leadership journeys and their respective challenges. Students were charged enough after listing to them to embark their own journey as the next generation to take over in their respective businesses. Experts.

The Panel Experts are as follows:-
  • Mr. Velji Bhai Sheta - Chairman - Surat Builders Association & CREDAI, Gujarat, Director - Sangini Realty Pvt Ltd.
  • Mr. Sanjay Saraogi - Managing Director, Laxmipati Sarees
  • Mr. Girish Luthra - Chairman, Luthra Industries
  • Mr. Pintu Dholakia - CEO, Hari Krishna Exports Pvt Ltd.

AURO University conducted the Orientation Program for MBA 2017 on 11th September, 2017

Auro University conducted the Orientation Program for the MBA 2017 students on 11th September, 2017. The session commenced with the Speech of Hon. Vice Chancellor, Prof. Avadhesh Kumar Singh emphasizing upon the importance of value education, also on the teachings of Peter Drucker focusing on three things, i.e. Courtesy, Commitment and Humility. Dr. Rohit Singh, Dean Academics - AURO University highlighted on the importance of the teaching learning process, the curriculum development of the degree programs and stressed on the prominence of its requirement in all the stints of life. Prof. Ajay Kumar Yadav, Registrar - AURO University addressed the students on the systems & processes at the University and probed them to prepare goals for themselves and act accordingly for a better career and future. The next speaker Dr. Monika Suri, Head - School of Business shared the vision and the mission of the Business school and its alignment with the Vision & Mission, the core-values and the 20-30-50% teaching principle. Mr. Kumar Kaushik, Controller of Examination and Mr. Chandrashekhar M Vithal, Librarian addressed the students about the Examination System and Library. The session ended with an ice-breaking sessions conducted by Ms. Jahanavee Ichchhaporia, Ms. Payal Agarwal & Ms. Ritika Yadav for the students where they participated in many activities and they developed a good sense of belongingness among each other.

Psychosocial and Ecological Decline and Intergrative Education" on 14th September, 2017

As part of AURO University's distinguished lecture series, Prof. Werner Sattmann-Frese gave a talk on "Psychosocial and Ecological Decline and Intergrative Education" on 14th September, 2017.

There is among psychologically trained professionals an increasing conviction that our current efforts to enhance social responsibility and positive ecological change are failing. The increasing public support for populist politicians, the unconsciously projected hate against refugees and the multifaceted increase in narcissistic perceptions and behaviours suggest that ecological consciousness is decreasing, not increasing. The increased use of alternative energies in a few countries constitute important progress but are unlikely to have a strong impact on key drivers of ecological and social decline such as extreme economic inequality.

In Part One of the presentation entitled ‘Psychosocial and Ecological Decline and Integrative Education’ takes a bird’s-eye view of our current psychosocial and ecological problems and explores some of the drivers of these problems. Part Two argues for a psycho-educational approach to enhancing sustainable living skills and outlines the structure for a series of seminars designed to enhance personal growth and ecological consciousness.

NAAC Workshop organised in the University on 9th September, 2017
  • The workshop was organised on NAAC – Process, Procedures and Systems.
  • Vice-Chancellor, Dean Academics, Registrar, and Controller of Examinations, HOD’s, all faculties and Heads of Administrative Staff attended it.
  • Dr. B.S. Madhukar, Advisor, NAAC was the facilitator for the workshop.
  • He explained process of Accreditation, New Methodology of Accreditation i.e., more objective, quantitative and student -centric.
  • The establishment of IQAC was discussed in this workshop. It was followed by active participation and discussion by the participants.

In the end, it was resolved that the University will prepare itself and go for accreditation by the following NAAC procedure.

Mentorship Programme at AURO University on 7th September 2017

AURO University takes pride to announce its new initiative, “Mentorship Programme”, which is designed with the intent to provide personal attention and care to each and every Auro student. For the deliberation of the same, a session "Train the Mentor" was held on 7th September 2017 with an invited expert Mr Mahadev Desai who made efforts to guide the Auro faculty members who will be the mentors to the students. Dr Avadesh Singh emphasized the need and importance of the programme, while Dr Monika Suri explained the concept. Dr Vikrant Makhija and Mr Gaurav Ashesh shared their insights on various personality tests and how they can be incorporated in the Programme. The session ended with Mr Mahadev Desai ji taking faculty members on a journey of thought process by asking a series of questions. The session was quite enriching and benefitting for all the faculty members.

Independence Day Celebration at AURO University on 15th August, 2017

AURO University celebrated the 71st Independence Day with full vigor and enthusiasm in presence of around 100 students, faculty members and staff. The event commenced by the flag hoisting followed by the speech by a law student Ms. Ayushi Vankawala. The Vice-Chancellor Prof Avadesh Singh addressed the gathering on the relevant issue of freedom struggle and spoke about 5 principles of Shri Aurobindo. This day also happens to be the birth anniversary of Shri Aurobindo. All the members of the AURO University took the opportunity to pay remembrance to the Shri Aurobindo. Ms. Jahanvee Ichchhaporia conducted a session of guided meditation followed by Prof Vladimir's views on Shri Aurobindo and his philosophy. The session ended with a musical performance on the patriotic songs by the Auro students.

Mood Board exhibition

AURO University School of Hospitality Management students organized Mood Board exhibition. A mood board is a type of collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition. The mood board prepared by students was based on various innovative hotel guestroom options, such as Cave Room, Tree House, Haveli, etc...

International Internship (B. Sc. – Hospitality Management)

The students of B. Sc. – Hospitality Management have been provided with 1 year Paid Internship (Supervised Work Experience) with various reputed 5 star hotels in USA, New Zealand, France, Spain, Malaysia & India. The students do internships at JHM Hotels at Greenville SC and Orlando. These include Renaissance, Hyatt, Courtyard by Marriott, Taj, Hilton, Oceania and Fairfield Inn by Marriott.

During the Internship, the students have been deployed in the Supervisory role in various departments of hotel operations like Front Office, Housekeeping, F&B Service and Food Production departments, subsequently gaining experience in Marketing, Finance or Human Resource departments.

AURO University organized Youth Parliament

Got an issue you feel passionate about? Want to get something off your chest? Want to meet other likeminded young people? Then the AURO University Youth Parliament is the perfect place for you. Culture, education, health, international matters, law and society, entertainment, philosophy – whatever your issue, you will find other young people to debate with. It actually provides opportunities for youth to use their elected voice to bring about social change through meaningful representation and campaigning.

The Guest of Honor for the event was noted Indian author, columnist, screenwriter, television personality and motivational speaker Mr. Chetan Bhagat

AURO University organized 2 day workshop on International Cuisines

AURO University organized 2 day workshop on International Cuisines. Day One was dedicated to Japanese Cuisine and learning the art of "Sushi Making". Day Two workshop was dedicated to Korean Cuisine and Thai Cuisine. Chef Suprabhat Banerjee conducted the 2 day workshop.

Rocking Farewell Party organized at AURO University

Rocking Farewell Party organized at AURO University. Students of AURO University bid adieu to their seniors in style. There was dance, music and lots of fun during the farewell party.

AURO University organized Kritagyata (Gratitude)

AURO University School of Hospitality Management and Foodie Club jointly organized Kritagyata (Gratitude) and hosted school students from PATSHALA situated in neighboring Bhatpore village. This event delivered pure love and affection to these lesser privileged students. All participating students cooked and served food to the children, thereby exhibiting sheer gratitude towards the community around them.

AURO University organized Strategy Warfare "StratWar 2017" - Marriott v/s Taj Group

School of Business AURO University Surat Gujarat India organized Strategy Warfare (case study) "StratWar 2017" between Marriott & Taj Group of Hotels. The live projects were presented by Bachelor of Business Administration final year students. The industry experts, faculties and resource persons from AURO University were present to witness the event. The event gave an experiential learning to students that how the successful Business Models work in the Hotel & hospitality Industry (Service Sector) with respect to their service / quality standards.

AURO University organized Strategy Warfare "StratWar 2017" – Airtel v/s Jio

School of Business, AURO University, Surat organized Strategy Warfare (case study) "StratWar 2017" between Airtel & Jio. The live projects were presented by Bachelor of Business Administration final year students. The industry experts, faculties and resource persons from AURO University were present to witness the event. The event gave an experiential learning to students that how the successful Business Models work in the Telecom Industry (Service Sector) with respect to their service / quality standards.

Cheese & Pasta Exhibition and Workshop

AURO University organized Cheese & Pasta Exhibition and Workshop. The Workshop was conducted for Hospitality Management students under the guidance of Prof. Sumant Sharma. The session provided excellent experiential learning platform to all students. Chef Abhishek Kabrawala conducted a detailed pasta cooking workshop for all attendees.

AURO University organized Strategy Warfare "StratWar 2017" - Make My Trip v/s EZ Holidays

School of Business AURO University Surat Gujarat India organized Strategy Warfare (case study) "StratWar 2017" between Make My Trip & EZ Holidays. The live projects were presented by Bachelor of Business Administration final year students. The industry experts, faculties and resource persons from AURO University were present to witness the event. The event gave an experiential learning to students that how the successful Business Models work in the Travel & Tourism Industry (Service Sector) with respect to their service / quality standards.

AURO University organized 6th Cultural Evening 2017

AURO University organized 6th Cultural Evening 2017. Over the years AURO University Cultural Evening has evolved to a high profile event which provides students the opportunity to openly celebrate their cultures. All diverse cultures are represented through dance, music and plays in such a colorful way that is sure to keep you amazed throughout the evening.

Hospitality students at H.I.F.I. (Hotel Investment Forum India) Conference

B. Sc. Hospitality Management Second Year students volunteering at H.I.F.I. (Hotel Investment Forum India) Conference in J.W.Marriott Sahar, Mumbai. This prestigious event gave an opportunity to discerning students to rub shoulders with legends from Hospitality Arena.

Guest lecture by Mr. Parag Shah

AURO University organized guest lecture of Mr. Parag Shah. Mr. Parag Shah is currently Chief Mentor MIDAS India and is Former Chairman, Founder, Founder Director of Flame University. He delivered lecture on "Entrepreneurs are Made Not Born"

Mr. Terry Porter, (Chairman of the Best Western® Hotels & Resorts Board of Directors) at AURO University

Mr. Terry Porter, CHA, chairman of the Best Western® Hotels & Resorts Board of Directors visit AURO University. Along with Mr. Porter, the team of Best Western also took a visit of the campus and had an interaction with the Hospitality Management students. Here is a glimpse...

Garba celebration at Disable Welfare Trust

AURO University & Disable Welfare Trust organized Garba. Students, Faculties and staff played Garba with the children. Here is a glimpse...

Chandiwala Hospitality Ensemble 2016

Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, New Delhi organised "Chandiwala Hospitality Ensemble 2016"

The Hospitality Management students from AURO University participated in this three day competition. They are as follows:

  • Jennifer Mistry
  • Arusha Relan
  • Amit Ahuja
  • Pearl Daruwala
  • Nidhi Patel
  • Simranjeet Kaur Oberoi
  • Ujjwal Gulgulia

The team has won One Gold, One Silver and Three Bronze medals. In the ensemble, students participated in wide range of competitions comprising of Culinary, Floral Decoration, Mixology and others....

Let's welcome the "Champion Of Champions"


Aadhar Club offered a delicious Diwali Dinner with fun, music & masti at Pratham Sanstha, an orphanage on 24th of October’16.

It was a humbling experience for all of us & made us realize anew what a privileged life we lead as we became aware of the struggles of these orphans. This experience touched & opened our hearts in many ways. We experienced Gratitude towards the Divine; it manifested Humility in us & made us aware about Goodness & Generosity towards others. We realized that it doesn’t take much to make a big difference in somebody’s life. This was a wonderful cause & the Aadhar Ambassadors had a great interacting with the children!!

Aadhar Club organized ‘Fun n Fete’ - CSR activity

Aadhar Club organized ‘Fun n Fete’ on 9th of September ‘16 at AURO University. The objective of the club is for Community Service and we had activities like games, music, food & much more. This was a fund raising event.

ARTH Youth Festival:

It is a moment of pride for AURO University, Surat to present the most exciting & mesmerizing event of Surat city “ARTH” Youth Festival, on 2oth, 21st & 22nd October, 2016. It is a culmination of Academic, Sports, Workshops, Talent Hunt & Live Convert by Youtube sensation Ms. Shirley Setia and EDM by Sunburn with Lost Stories. More than 5000 youthful students and future leaders from 15 states and 5 different countries participated in this mega event. It is a mixocology of fun, learning & entertainment.

20th October - Day 1 – The opening session marked briefing all the participants with all rules and regulations of the event. Our “Chairman – Board of Management” Dr. Shailendra Mehta announced “ARTH” Youth Festival open. With that note, the first event was auditions for Singing / Dance – Solo / Group which went on throughout the day. In addition to that there were competitions like LAN Gaming & Robotics Workshop conducted by team from IIT Mumbai. The pre-lunch session concluded by a spectacular & scintillating display of Fashion show by the youth contestants.

The evening was engulfed by the melodious and heartened voice of youtube sensation Ms. Shirley Setia. It was her first appearance in Gujarat. The crowd enjoyed every note she sang.

21st October - Day 2 – Today was the day for flexing some muscle power as we witness high level of fitness & reflexes in UV table Tennis. We experienced the war of concentration and attention in Snooke Ball & Bullet Chess. These event followed by games of strategy and operations when competitions like LAN Gaming like Counter Strike GO, Mini Militia & DOTA 2 went live. The pre-lunch session concluded by a marvelous display of Fashion show by the youth participants.

Just as the clock ticked 12 noon, it was the time for creative minds and hearts to showcase their talent. The Extempore, Cake Decoration, Sculpture Making and then Robotics were something like a competition among different event teams that whose event creates the maximum thunder.

After a short break, the ARTH Team pulled the rabbit out of a hat by giving participants CSI – Crime Scene Investigation (The most successful event of ‘ARTH’ on Day 2). Finally as the sun went to dusk, we had our ‘Discovery’ – Auditorium filled with laughter riots as the troop from “Comedy Factory” performed live.

Well, when you just think that this could be the end of day, the climax is on the verge to unfold. ARTH Team in association with MTV Nescafe Labs presented Clash of Bands where all young talented musical groups from Surat City gave their stellar performance.

22nd October - Day 3 - The festival goes into the final rounds. The youth sports brigade was on the field. We witnessed some sensational matter in volleyball and by the time Futsal players were having their gears on the atmosphere was sheer electrifying. It’s the dedication, will power and strong determination of ARTH Team to organize such a mega event. On this day, the participants were given serious tasks to fulfill. It started with Business Quiz to test their corporate knowledge and then shifted gears to “A Dollar A Day” where the participants have to generate funds from initial capital and finally the high voltage “Treasure Hunt”. Each task with every passing moment took the battle to the next tougher level.

The best part of such events is that everyone is a winner as we meet new people, make new friends and do learning while enjoying. So, finally as the event culminates to its end, the next package goes out, it’s “SUNBURN with Lost Stories” the 52nd rank EDM (Electronic Dance & Music) group globally. The notes, the rhythm and the beats intensify the adrenaline rush and it’s like the youth comes on one platform to dance to their tunes, not just to say adieu but to make a promise that we meet again next year. The event featured joy, peace, goodness and camaraderie with full verve and a promise to see again in 2017.