Day – 8 :  Wednesday 24th July 2019 Report

Understanding Ethics and Value by Prof. Deepak Teraiya
Prof. Deepak Teraiya initiated the talk by sharing his life stories wherein he explained values like unity, the importance of being before time and not on or after time. He also spoke on shared the importance of Team work and explained what values and ethics are.

Mr Jagdish Italiya & Mrs Ajita Italiya
Mrs. Italiya took the students through her life journey and how her passion fuelled her entrepreneurship in the form of fashion boutique and health café. Mr Italiya talked about hurdles in the path of success and engaged with students in trying to find out their dreams and motivated them to follow their dreams.

Designing Life
Mr. Aniket Gupta talked about various kinds of thinking such as 1. Engineering thinking. 2. Business Thinking. 3. Research Thinking. 4. Design Thinking. He also discussed about prototype conversations and prototype experience

Jivan Vigyan
Mr Ajay Jain spoke about human values, their significance and impact on the society and also about need for education and its various perceptions.

Integration of Drama/Dance
Mr Darshan Purohit (Performing Arts MSU, Baroda) talked about the role of Dramatics in building character and even career. He trained the students in the art of articulation, enunciation and pronunciation.

Appreciating Poetry by Prof. Avadhesh Kumar Singh
The session delved into the notions of poem, poetry and poetic. It emphasized the need to enjoy reading and listening to poetry rather than understanding it, as poetry is meant for pleasure first and understanding later. The Workshop also substantiated the functions of poetry with relevant lines from different poems. It was an interactive session as the students asked plenty of questions at the end and also showed their own works.

Sustainability and Role of NGO
Dr Vikrant Makhija spoke about sustainability and its importance in bringing change in the world. He discussed various issues of sustainability like less industrialization, ecological imbalance.

Social Responsibility
Mrs Geeta Shroff shared various experiences with students to motivate them towards working for society. She also shared all the initiatives that her NGO has initiated and the challenges she faced during this and now the change that has been brought. She also gave an open invitation to students how they could join her various initiatives.

Web designing by Rajiv Katare/Anshu Agarwal/Dr. Papri Ghosh
Different basic topics such as www, DNS, ISP, and HTML were discussed and students learned how to create a web page.

C.E.P.T Exam
The exam was to check the basic proficiency in English

Speed of Change in the VUCA world
Dr Vikrant Makhija discussed about human evolution and industrial evolution. He also discussed the role of youth in VUCA world.

Heritage walk
The students visited the Surat Fort where they were briefed about the idea behind reconstruction and were also shown a short movie on history of fort.

Aqua Zumba
The students along with Ms Jahanvee Ichchhaporia visited CB Patel Health Club for Aqua Zumba session taken by Mr Aman.

Orgami with Paper : Mr. Krunal Zaveri
The students learned the art of Origami through individual and group activities.