Day – 7 :  Tuesday 23th July 2019 Report

Sapling Plantation@AURO
AURO University organized Tree Plantation program which was facilitated by Surat Unit of Directorate of Goods & Services Tax Intelligence. Over 500 trees were planted during this program.

Integration of drama/dance for educational and social change
Dr. Darshan Purohit (Performing Arts MSU, Baroda) talked about the role of Dramatics in building character and even career. He trained the students in the art of articulation, enunciation and pronunciation.

Human Rights and Equality by Richa Chadha
The session revolved around gender sensitization. Students were engaged in discussing the rights of LGBTQ community and harassment at workplace. The issues of domestic violence, dowry harassment, female foeticide, women property rights were also discussed.

Humility and Receptivity by Hardik Purohit
Mr Hardik Purohit spoke about importance of time management, discipline and true meaning of success.

Values and Ethics
Prof. Deepak Teraiya spoke about the relevance of value and ethics and how they go hand in hand in lives to achieve anything in life.