Day – 6 :  Monday 22th July 2019 Report

Role of Youth in Democracy
 Mr. Dharmendra Herma, IRS (Indian Revenue Services), spoke about how knowing about democracy will change Indian culture. He emphasized on taking part in election process.

Surati Future
Mr Kamlesh Yagnik shared the challenges that Surat city is facing on a daily basis such as climate change, water scarcity, and pollution and also showed on-going and future initiatives of the Surat Municipal Corporation. He also asked the students to be a part of this wonderful movement and be stakeholders in creating the future of Surat.

Cyber Security & Youth by Dr Chintan Pathak
Session was about using internet carefully wherein the best and the worst part of cyber world were discussed using the terms such as Surface web, Deep Web and Dark Web.

Josh Talk by Richa Chadha
The lecture “KNOW YOUR RIGHT” highlighted the importance of gender equality and women related issues, how to reduce the domestic violence and how to complaint against the culprit The session ended with Q&A session.

Integration of Drama/Dance by Mr Darshan Purohit
Dr. Darshan Purohit (Performing Arts MSU, Baroda) talked about the role of Dramatics in building character and even career. He trained the students in the art of articulation, enunciation and pronunciation.

Campus as Living Being by Dr Vikaran Makhija & Team
Dr Vikrant Makhija spoke about the idea of perception and reality of the world around them. The students were also given reasoning and possible projects for campus as living curriculum

C.E.P.T Exam
The exam was to check the basic proficiency in English

Innovation Hour and Incubation @ Auro under SSIP
Dr. Ramana and Mr. Gaurav Ashesh explained the New Product Design Mr. Sandeep Sharma talked about AURO SSIP cell and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Marbelling – Mr. Rohan Nanavati
Prof. Rohan Nanavati conducted mixing of two or more colours to depict variations and creativity in design. The students rendered marbling effect on paper.

Ceramic Pottery – Ms. Juhikadevi Bhandeo
Ms. Juhika conducted clay and pottery workshop for students and used real mud and clay to shape different artifacts. The students later on painted these. Students were asked to relate and express their feeling through art in various forms.

Shibori (Fabric Printing) – Dr. Prunal Khawani
Dr. Prunal Khawani conducted a session on Shibori style of manual fabric dying which originates from Japan. Students used pieces of cotton cloth to make customized designs using tools like ice cream sticks and threads. The cloth was later dyed with vibrant colours.

Creative Textile – Prof. Nita Thakore
Prof. Nita introduced ‘Warp’ and ‘Weft’ concept to the students in a very exciting manner through various set of activities. She used blow painting and other interesting techniques on the cloth or paper.

Quick Sketching : Mr. Abhijeet Pariyal
Students learned the art of caricature through various fun activities.

Orgami with Paper : Mr. Krunal Zaveri
The students learned the art of Origami through individual and group activities.