Day – 4 :  Thursday 18th July 2019 Report

Student Counselling by Veena Vaishy
The session emphasised on how our thoughts play an important role in how we feel day in day out.

Career Prospective in Hospital Management
Dr. Rajiv Raj Choudhry spoke about the inspiration and commitments towards society as a Doctor and also discussed the relevance and emerging areas in Hospital Management.

AURO University: Rules and Regulations
Registrar Mr. Ajay Kumar Yadav acquainted the students about all the resources and the rules and regulations of the University.

Aspects related to film making
Mr. Manoj Lalwani covered a variety of aspects related to films including concept, content, story, screenplay, dialogues and casting. In addition, he talked about marketing and promotional activities in film industry.

Dr. Gurvinder Ahluvalia talked about innate characteristics of self like love, peace, purity, happiness, strength, knowledge etc. and did activity on the same.

Currency depreciation, Hedging and other FOREX matters
Mr. Nirav Jogani talked about features and participants of foreign exchange market and participants like companies, traders & speculators, commercial banks & financial institutions, exchange brokers, Central banks were discussed.

Read to Lead
Shri. Mahadev Desai spoke about the importance reading and its relationship with progress and growth. He also talked about the library disappearance and how as responsible youth of the nation, it is a dire need to protect these dying libraries due to the increasing use of technologies.

Library as a Knowledge Centre
Mr Chandrashekhar Vitthal
The session focused on making students aware of how rich, vast and full of ideas the AURO library is. They were introduced of various sections of Library – Physical Books and Digital Library.

Youth Leadership
Ms. Karishma Chandak made the students understand the basic know how about how Habits and Attitudes can help us in a long way.

Paper Marbelling – Mr. Rohan Nanavati
Prof. Rohan Nanavati conducted mixing of two or more colours to depict variations and creativity in design. The students rendered marbling effect on paper.

Shibori (Fabric Printing) – Dr. Prunal Khawani
Dr. Prunal Khawani conducted a session on Shibori style of manual fabric dying which originates from Japan. Students used pieces of cotton cloth to make customized designs using tools like ice cream sticks and threads. The cloth was later dyed with vibrant colours.

Creative Textile – Prof. Nita Thakore
Prof. Nita introduced ‘Warp’ and ‘Weft’ concept to the students in a very exciting manner through various set of activities. She used blow painting and other interesting techniques on the cloth or paper.

Brain Gym & Body: Debiprasad Pramanik
Various brain gym exercises and other activities were conducted to make the students more aware about their bodies.

Quick Sketching : Mr. Abhijeet Pariyal
Students learned the art of caricature through various fun activities.

Ceramic Pottery – Ms. Juhikadevi Bhandeo
Ms. Juhika conducted clay and pottery workshop for students and used real mud and clay to shape different artifacts. The students later on painted these. Students were asked to relate and express their feeling through art in various forms.

Platonic Form – Mr Avinash Engineer
The session was in continuation of the previous sessions from the beginning of FOL. The patience, calmness and the same taking a form of something that we desire was the aim of session

Surat Heritage Walk
The students visited the Surat Fort where they were briefed about the idea behind reconstruction and were also shown a short movie on history of fort.

Arm wrestling and Plank
In order to bring physical aspect in the festival of learning, a competition of Plank and Arm Wrestling was organized by Physical education department.