Surat (Gujarat) [India], June 4 (ANI/SRV Media): AURO University, Surat, Gujarat, is a premier university focusing on integral and transformational learning for future leaders. It is established under the Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2009.

The University subscribes to an integral approach in education with a focus on holistic development of physical, vital, mental, and spiritual aspects; as advocated by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Recently Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, Education, Higher and Technical Education Minister of Gujarat, met with a delegation from AURO University in Surat, Gujarat, to release and inaugurate the AURO Covid Care Scholarship 2021. Vice-Chancellor Prof. Rajan Welukar, Dean Academics Dr Rohit Singh, and Chief Financial Officer Nayan Banker led the delegation.

Speaking on the occasion, the Honourable Minister said it is a fantastic initiative and that he would like to congratulate AURO University for taking a step forward to assist students who are in need of succour by instituting the AURO Covid Care Scholarship 2021. According to this scholarship, AURO University offers full and partial AURO Covid Care Scholarships to qualified meritorious candidates in order to provide support to students who have unfortunately lost either of their parents or both of their parents in this pandemic.

AURO University is a collaborative and creative environment fueled by self-discovery of one’s inner being that encourages, enables, and empowers students in their intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth. Founded by the Rama Family, AURO University is inspired by the rich vision and moral teachings of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh and The Mother.

AURO University takes full effort to provide the comprehensive education, skill sets, and values required to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life in today’s complex and changing world.

The University believes that education should not be limited solely to academic learning. The complete focus is on developing an individual’s faculties in order to ensure holistic development. Mental Education is important to cultivate high levels of concentration, observational ability, analytical organisation, decision-making skills, and, most importantly, creative and intuitive faculties.

Vital Education is essential for character development, controlling emotions, and learning how to build and manage relationships. Physical Education is important to improve agility, strength, flexibility, teamwork, and collaboration. Spiritual education is important for the advancement of consciousness from a lower to a higher level of consciousness, as well as the development of deeper and larger values.

The University encourages and promotes learning on a 20:30:50 basis, with lectures accounting for 20 per cent of the delivery (Hear); visuals accounting for 30 per cent of the learning methods (See), and experience accounting for 50 per cent of the learning methods (Do).

The University employs a variety of knowledge delivery methods to achieve its goal of focused learning and holistic development. Positive collaboration is essential in the workplace, and understanding how to incorporate and balance personalities is the key to success.

AURO University makes sure that lectures are interactive, and students collaborate with their professors to gain new insights into the subject matter, upon which they can build their own bridges to higher education. Discussions, an important component of learning at AURO University, provide a forum for students to be creative and critical of old and new ideas.

Discussion groups, in addition to developing consensus on various business issues, lead to innovative problem solving and, ultimately, success. Business simulations allow students to understand real-world business scenarios and solve business problems in a controlled environment.

Prof Rajan Welukar, Vice-Chancellor of AURO University, says, “AURO University provides dynamic, energetic, and progressive learning for tomorrow’s students. Our campus environment encourages students to discover themselves and reach their full potential. Academic excellence, transformative experiences, and excellent infrastructure facilities are provided to enrich our students with excellence and make them industry-ready.”

The goal of AURO University is to develop leaders who are not only great Indian citizens, but also individuals with a strong sense of ethics, responsibility, and capability. AURO University strongly believes that a career is much more than an academic intervention; it is the result of a unique methodology that combines a deeper understanding of oneself, appreciation and study of the environment, and a deeper look at the purpose of making a career.

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