Teaching Pedagogy

“At AURO, learning is challenging, engaging, strengthening and enjoyable at the same time. We focus on encouraging students to engage in a rigorous process of learning and self-discovery. The University has moved away from the conventions of the status-quo as applied in most academic programs and has adopted a highly focused approach to education versus rote learning. Each day, students focus on one key course and spend time on learning the course fundamentals and their application in business and society.”

The University encourages and promotes learning on a 20:30:50 principle, where lectures constitute 20 percent of the delivery (Hear); visuals 30 percent of the learning methods (See); and experience 50 percent (Do).

In order to achieve its objective of focused learning and holistic development, the University uses a variety of knowledge delivery methods:

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Lectures are designed to provide the student with interesting and unexpected perspectives on the subject matter. Lectures are interactive and students work with their professors to get new insights in the subject area, on which they can build their own bridges to higher learning.


A critical component of learning at AURO University, discussions are a platform for students to be creative and critical with old and new ideas. Besides developing consensus on various business issues, discussion groups lead to innovative problem solving and, ultimately, to success.

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Business Simulations

These provide students an opportunity to understand real life business scenarios and solve business challenges in a controlled environment.

Case Studies

Real case studies challenge students to find creative solutions to complex business problems.

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Role Play

Assuming various roles, as in real business, is the key to understanding and learning in the MBA program. Students are challenged to make strategic decisions through role-plays, and to analyze the impact of these decisions on the business and its stakeholders.

Team Work

Positive collaboration is critical in the work environment, and sidelining politics and understanding how to incorporate and balance personalities is the key to success.

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Field Trips

Field trips provide an opportunity to students to test their in-class learning in real life situations as well as to understand the functional diversity in the workplace.