• Auro University is established with the vision “to be a premier university of Integral and Transformational Learning for future leaders—a center for value-based education.”

    It is focused on providing to:

    an environment for self-development; an institution that nurtures their potential based on their aptitudes and interests.

    a platform to be mentors and guides who shape the country's future leaders by imparting knowledge and skills; opportunities for research on emerging trends and industry practices.

    The Industry and Community
    students with intellectual competence, reality-based knowledge and personal integrity; students who strive for excellence and aspire to become socially responsible leaders.


  • The vision of Auro University resonates with ‘Design’—that has always subscribed to an integral, integrated and transformational view of life.

    School of Design strives to be the driving force that defines and expresses these concepts by providing freedom to express, experiment, and grow freely and organically.

    An interdisciplinary approach to design is the way of our times. It has been realized that the idea of technological progress and the idea of interdisciplinary progress are inseparably intertwined. That is why we do not believe in artificial boundaries between specialisations of domains of knowledge.