Hospitality Management: An experience with AURO to enrich your future!

The Tourism and Hospitality sectors were on a steady rise before the downfall of movement due to the Pandemic. It was one of the most important sectors helping our country’s economy grow. Especially due to India being one of the hotspots for tourism.So, it would be natural for a student interested in the field to look for good colleges where they can pursue the knowledge to become efficient professionals. The college must be able to deliver quality education along with the much important practical handling of the subject matter.There are Hospitality Management courses in the country that cater to various aspects of management and service opening up a wide array of career choices for the discerning student. However, it is essential for students to choose the right one with the right college.

AURO’s School of Hospitality Management

AURO is one of the prime institutes for education in Gujarat. In fact, it is the first private institute in South Gujarat to be recognized by the UGC. This certification along with all of their awards and accolades makes them one of the best institutes in Gujarat for any form of education.

However, for any student pursuing a particular degree, awards and accolades are secondary. What they desire to know about is what the college offers in terms of education and facilities to ease their experience. This is one of many aspects where AURO stands on top of other institutes.

Here are a few factors that every student should read through before enrolling with AURO

Facilities & Infrastructure

The first thing you see when visiting a college is its infrastructure. While first impressions stick, it is the utility of those facilities that are important for any student. AURO’s School of Hospitality Management rides the wave on both fronts being a striking piece of architecture as well functional in terms of the learning experience.

Besides the excellent campus that will burn your memories with good experiences, it is the utilitarian nature that students appreciate more. From labs, libraries to conference halls and auditoriums, the School of Hospitality management utilizes all of the features to organize seminars and lectures to improve students’ knowledge.

Courses to Pursue

AURO also believes in providing an opportunity to all. Therefore a vast array of courses are covered by the School of Hospitality Management that ensure that every field and sector are provided with a chance to learn with the AURO Advantage.

Courses include B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc Hospitality Management (1 & 2 Years), M.SC International Hospitality & Tourism Management, PGD Events Management, and PGD Bakery & Patisserie. It’s not just limited to this. There are doctoral programs along with integrated programs for those who want the additional advantage.

Teaching Pedagogy

AURO understands that quality should be preferred over quantity. All of these courses are taught with equal quality due to the teaching pedagogy at the School of Hospitality Management. The curriculum has a dynamic design that adopts and facilitates industry requirements.

Additionally, the School of Hospitality Management organizes industrial visits that keep the students motivated as well as informed about the ongoing working of the industry. Workshops are also organized with experienced industry professionals who impart their knowledge of the profession.

Campus Culture

All work and no play is not the experience you get at AURO University’s School of Hospitality Management. The campus culture at AURO is refined to deliver an unforgettable experience for students involved. Cultural activities are organized to keep things fresh and implement management and leadership skills through casual and engaging activities.

Art, Design, Dance, Dramatics, Music, Photography and many other enriching activities are a part of student life at AURO. Sports and Athletic activities and events are also a part of life on campus. These activities ensure physical enrichment along with mental and spiritual.

Placements & Internships

AURO takes care of its own even after their graduation. The placement cell at the university ensures that students get the right job opportunities in line with their preferences and skills. They also help prepare students for their interviews so that the opportunities can be captured through professionalism and practice.

Additionally, Paid Internship opportunities for 1-year is provided to students. The internship is for the third year of the program with various reputed 5-star hotels in countries like the USA, New Zealand, France, and Malaysia. The prominent recruiters include names like Hyatt, Fairfield by Marriott, Courtyard by Marriott, Renaissance Hotels, and AURO Hotels.

AURO University also has a partnership with Marriott International due to an MOU signed between the two. The collaboration would be beneficial to both in terms of creating better working professionals. Through internship opportunities, guest talks, career planning workshops and placement prospects, both partners would be able to contribute greatly towards the hospitality industry.

Faculty that cares

What makes a difference in the life of students are teachers. The knowledge they impart along with the education and personal touch is essential in shaping them into better people. Teachers at AURO are experts who deliver just that experience to students.

The faculty is dedicated to providing holistic development by imparting knowledge from their colourful career in the industry and academics. Chef Jignesh R. Mistry, Ms Amrita Singh, Prof. Sudhir Andrews, and Prof. Amreesh Mishra are just some of the faculty members that students get a chance to learn from.

Recognition & Awards

It’s not just students who understand AURO’s dedication and determination to provide an excellent learning experience, but also reputed authorities. The ‘Overall Winner at Hospitality Ensemble Competition’, ‘Best University in Hospitality Management Award’, ‘Torchbearer Institute of Indian Tourism’ ‘Bronze Level at National Chef Competition’ and many more awards have been bestowed upon AURO throughout the years.

As a result of this recognition, AURO University’s School of Hospitality has skilled professionals who teach with their experience. Students receive training and education from some of the best professionals and academicians in the industry. These experts are trained internationally who impart their global level knowledge and skills to the students of the School of Hospitality.

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Why choose AURO?

Every activity, feature and facility that has been covered are all a package that every student of Hospitality Management experiences. It all comes together to not just improve a student’s professional life but also their personal life through the improvement of their personality.

AURO also provides Training in an On-Campus Hotel to the students. Focus at the School of Hospitality is on building strong fundamentals by providing experience-based learning using a variety of practical methods that go beyond the usual bookish learning.

This form of holistic development at AURO makes their students better persons that lead the industry with confidence and compassion. Compassion is also one of the most essential skills required for any professional in Hospitality Management.

So, if you are looking for more than an education, if you are looking for an experience that will enrich your life for years to come then AURO’s School of Hospitality Management is the right choice for you!


All you need to know about AURO University before you enroll for a step-up towards your future!

Understanding what an institute is all about should be on the top of every student’s list looking for admission. No matter what field you are looking at, you should pay attention to how well that college or school can provide you with the education. You should be looking for more from the top University in Gujarat or indeed India.

However, what most students get wrong regarding that is that they evaluate only the curriculum or just the praise or awards that the institute has received

How good is AURO University?

That would be the obvious question raised by students before enrolling for their education at the University. And it should be so. No child should just blindly seek admission in a college based on some random recommendation.

Even AURO has been awarded in multiple categories across multiple disciplines. But as we have mentioned before that alone cannot be a rightful examination of the capabilities of a university. For Example, AURO University is the first UGC recognized university in South Gujarat.

Even though that is a significant status for any University, that alone is not enough. So, mentioned below are the programs, the faculties and the features that AURO University offers to its students.

  1. School of Business

With prestigious programs like MBA, BBA and others, the School of Business was established in 2011 to impart quality education to business management students. With a cache of Professors like Dr Monika Suri, Dr Vipin Agrawal and Dr Meghna Dangi at the helm, AURO has a team of dedicated educators to provide you with the ultimate business education.

  1. School of Hospitality Management

Led by Professor Amreesh Misra, the School of Hospitality Management offers distinct BSc, MSc and PGD courses in the field. In association with Marriott India, AURO offers focused and extensive learning to its students. AURO has established itself as one of the best hospitality management colleges in India.

  1. School of Information Technology

The School of Information Technology provides holistic education to students with an integrative and application-centric approach to the subject matter. With multiple Integrated, Bachelor and Master courses, AURO is equipped to push you forward as the industry leader with its status as a prominent BSc college in Surat.

  1. School of Law

With LLB, PGD and BA LLB courses, the School of Law was established in 2012 to impart contemporary legal and ethical knowledge of the Indian Legislation. Learning is conducted not just through traditional classroom lectures but also through Moot Courts, Case Studies, Judgment Review & Analysis, Projects and Assignments.

  1. School of Design

As expected of any prominent design colleges in India, AURO has not held back. Educators from AURO University ensures that students aren’t just confident in the class with their knowledge but pushing out in the field after graduation.

  1. School of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences

Megh Goswami leads the School of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences in a direction that is geared toward human development as a whole. It follows an interdisciplinary and comparative approach in its courses like BA, BA (Hons) and Integrated MA to deliver the knowledge for the benefit of students.

  1. School of Journalism & Mass Communication

Professors like Jumana Shah are pushing the School of Journalism & Mass Communication towards new heights. Through their experiential learning, courses like BA, BJMC and MJMC are producing students who can reach new heights in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication.

  1. School of Sciences

Academicians like Nuclear Physicist Dr Nikit N. Deshmukh are the pride of the School of Sciences who ensure that students acquire and generate scientific knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in their respective fields.

All of these Schools come together at AURO to form an institute suited to every student’s need. Even internationally recognised institutes like Universita di Roma, Università Degli Studi Di Torino, IMI among many are collaborating with AURO to deliver the best education.

AURO’s dedication is not limited to education. With placement partners like Byju’s, Axis Bank, Taj groups and other prominent names, AURO ensures a bright future for its students.

The evaluation of AURO ensures one thing, it is among the best colleges you can enrol in. So, choose AURO to kick-start your successful future!


Learning with AURO University is an important opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Teaching is more complicated than any of us understand. There are as many methods of teaching as there are teachers. One method that is well known and praised throughout the teaching culture is Value Based Learning. The approach is known to provide more positive results with all of the known methods.

AURO University in Surat is one among few to utilise the learning method to the optimal. Their focus on providing students with the best possible learning experience for future industry leaders. AURO’s result with students emerging high in their professional life is a testament to their dedication to student-focused learning

How AURO University is the right way forward for you!

AURO is an excellent University in Gujarat, a status achieved through dedication and continuous work towards improving their teaching standards. It is the first UGC recognized university in South Gujarat. This status puts them high even among prolific universities in India.

The groundwork that AURO has been involved in has raised its status among students and academics in India. Some of their dedication is reflected in the services and facilities that they provide to students upon enrolling

While their focus and commitment is beyond a simple list, some reflection of their work can be seen through features like,

Value Based Learning

One of the strongest points that AURO University stands on is their learning module geared towards Value Based Learning. Their integral and transformational teaching pattern is designed to engrain the knowledge for the future. AURO focuses on the Holistic Development of the future.

Based on the four principles of Mental Education, Vital Education, Physical Education and Spiritual Education, AURO ensures all aspects of the student’s personality are developed and refined. Mental Education focuses on the power of observation, concentration, decision-making skills and faculties of creativity and intuition.

Similarly, Vital Education is focused on the development of an individual’s character. Controlling emotions and developing an appreciation of arts are taught to improve individualistic characteristics.

Physical Education on the other hand is oriented for the development of agility, flexibility, strength, collaboration and team building. Spiritual Education is oriented towards the growth of sub-consciousness from a low to a high level.

Programs for All 

AURO’s Value Added Education is felt throughout all the programs they offer. No sector of learning is left out. With Schools of Business, Hospitality Management, Information Technology, Law, Design, Liberal Arts & Human Sciences, Journalism & Mass Communication and Sciences, AURO provides its guidance in all. 

Even a dedicated Fine Arts Centre is established to provide selected education in the Photography field. AURO offers an array of courses, from one-year diplomas to five-year

specialisation courses in multiple fields. A dedicated Ph D program has been established for students who are interested in research and academia for the creation of knowledge.

Faculties that make an impact

AURO’s team of progressive faculty is majorly responsible for the growth of the students and the institute in general. Led by Dr Rohit Singh, Dean Academics, he is also a Professor of Marketing who shares his insights and knowledge with the students regularly. His dedication to providing the best in class education is responsible for him getting down and working with the students.

Professor Amreesh Misra, Krishna Shashtri, Sudhir Andrews, Monika Suri, Sudhir Andrews and Dr Surendra Sundarajan are among many prolific and prominent names teaching students from their experience and expertise. These professors are not just limited to the bookish ideology, it’s a beyond classroom experience at AURO. Their dedication to embedding knowledge that is essential to the industry and contemporary in nature sets them apart.

It is not just the working faculty at AURO that is essential to student learning. Mr Kaivalya Smart, Professor Sharad Joshi and Halina Marlewicz are just as focused on providing quality education to the students of the University.

Events & Highlights

AURO is not just a host to learning and teaching for the students. Various events and activities are organised on the university grounds that add to the personality development of the students. Among many are events like National Budding Chef Competition, National Moot Court Competition, National Conference on Law & Justice, Cultural Evening, and Inter-University AD Making Competition that add to the cultural development.

Festivals like Youth Fest “ARTH”, Youth Parliament “Sakshm” and Annual Sports Day “Utsah” are just as entertaining and important in self-development. Their impact is felt throughout the personality developing years of the students.

International Relations 

AURO’s reach is not limited to just the national level. Their efforts are recognised internationally and its involvement is appreciated too. Their association with internationally acclaimed institutes like the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, San Diego University, University of Northampton, International Management Institute, Switzerland and other renowned names in education adds another layer to AURO’s educational capabilities. 

The association is reflective of their importance and regard among the well-known names. This recognition then in turn brings importance to the education received by students graduating from AURO University.

Facilities to benefit 

AURO University is fully networked and air-conditioned with seamless and wireless internet connectivity. There are even dedicated learning spaces with advanced video conferencing and networking facilities. A Virtual Learning Environment is provided to students to stay connected to the classroom regularly. 

An Automated Learning Resource Center has been established to provide an online and offline learning experience to students for their benefit. All of the books, data and information have been virtualised onto an online catalogue for students to access. 

All of these facilities are geared and optimised to ease and improve the learning experience of students at AURO University. 

Placements & Awards 

AURO’s involvement and efforts are not just limited to the duration of the program cycle. The institute ensures that students are confident of their future and the knowledge guiding them towards it. Placement opportunities are endless for students at AURO. Companies like Oyo, Byjus, Axis Bank, Taj groups and other prominent names are a common sight at AURO’s Placement drive.

The efforts of AURO University have been recognised with awards like Best University in the use of Technology in Teaching, Best Management Institution, Best University in Value-Based Education, Best University in Hospitality Management Award to their name. 

How is AURO leaving a positive impact on your future! 

Students graduating from AURO have benefitted not just professionally but also mentally and spiritually in their pursuit of a better life. They return to AURO to impart that experience and knowledge to future industry leaders. That is why AURO is essential. Not just for your education, but also for your future. 

So, make the right choice with AURO University!


Upgrading Skills Through Online Learning: How Does It Help?

India has been considered, around the globe, as the land of the learned for decades and centuries. From Aryabhatta to Takshshila University, our contributions to the domain of knowledge have been immense. Even today, many national universities are a hub for numerous foreign students to gain education in their selected fields. A degree from good Indian institutes is also held in high regard at many companies and organizations overseas.

However, with the entry of the COVID-19 virus in 2020, when the pandemic forced the government as well as the masses to stay within the safety of their homes and restricted the outward movement, an existing technology came to the aid of our educators. While online learning had already existed for a few years now, it was this lockdown that really gave it a boost to reach every student across the country.

What Is Online Learning?

Online or Web-based learning is the system of education where knowledge is imparted by the teachers through internet services and portals.

The equipment and the know-how of the same have been around for some time now but were being used by only a handful of institutions.

Several educational bodies have now started conducting classes online for varied subjects, from Mathematics to Languages to Sciences.

The rapid transition of this digitalization from a necessity towards ease is however being observed every day. Even though it started as a compulsion, it is swiftly becoming the preferred mode of receiving education. It is not just limited to students either – many professionals are also making use of this facility to upskill themselves and gain more expertise.


Advantages Of E-Learning

Amidst a sea of benefits being reaped from the new technological upgrade in the field of training and instruction, the following are some of the key upsides.

Freedom of Choice of Subject

Often it has been noticed that a student fails to opt for the subjects he or she wishes to study because either the college doesn’t have it on roll, or the fees is too high or moving to a different locale or city/ country is not possible for them. However, with online means of education, one can take classes regardless of the place they are at, at relatively affordable costing from a university that could be across the world.

Learn On the Go

Whether you’re travelling or attending a boring family function, all that you need to attend your classes is a mobile/ laptop device and an internet connection. Missing important classes because you’re running late is now a thing of the past. Most e-learning platforms record their classes for the ease of the students to attend and revise the course at a later date. This also enables the participants to attend the lecture at a later time in case they have some other pressing engagement during class timings.

Set your Own Pace

When you have pre-recorded material available, it is easier to study at one’s own pace. Everyone has a different speed of grasping and understanding concepts and ideas and online lessons ensure that each learner can do so by setting their own speed. This also helps pupils to learn more or less in a day, but more effectively.

Global Platform

E-learning was earlier established to facilitate distance learning courses. This was important because as discussed above, sometimes the courses one requires are unavailable in their vicinity. Thus a global platform where the student can learn a course being taught in any corner of the world was a boon for numerous scholars.

Save Money

Online lessons are often more affordable and pocket-friendly as compared to in-person ones. This is due to the reduction of a lot of factors that add up to the course’s cost – infrastructure for the class, travelling cost and even hostel fee in many cases. This access to budget and yet, quality education is a combination every student desires.

In The End

Digital means of receiving an education are on a constant up-and-up and it seems this trend is here to stay. Upgrading your skills and knowledge base through online classes is proving to be a much more efficient and effective way of upskilling oneself alongside other responsibilities as well.


Republic Day Celebration at AURO University

AURO University, Surat celebrated 74th Republic Day and Sri Aurobindo’s 148th birth anniversary in its campus on Saturday. All the guidelines of social distancing were followed.

The Republic Day celebration began with flag hoisting by the Hon. Vice Chancellor Prof. Rajan Welukar and was concluded with the singing of national anthem.

Celebration of Sri Aurobindo’s 148th birth anniversary began with guided meditation in Wisdom auditorium. While addressing the gathering, Dean Academic Prof. Rohit Singh called upon all the teachers to take on more responsibility in fulfilling Sri Aurobindo’s dream of integral education.

The Hon. Vice Chancellor Prof Rajan Welukar deliberately delivered his address in Hindi and paid homage to all the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for republic. He went on to emphasized on using the term nation over country as it has broader connotations. Prof Welukar also announced the name of winners of various online competitions organized by AURO University in the past few months. He also praised all the participants saying that participation is more important than winning. With his distinct sense of humour, he kept the audience engaged. 

A recorded message of Sri Aurobindo that he had recorded on the eve of Republic Day in 1947 for radio. 

The celebration was concluded with release of a sketch- animation video on Sri Aurobindo. This video is made entirely in-house by AURO University and is first of the animation series on Sri Aurobindo that the university has planned.


The Parallel Journeys of Philosophy and Modern Education


We have heard it time and time again, from our elders, peers, in school’s course books, and even on the internet.

But how many of us really understand what it means?

What Is Philosophy?

Image source

The Britannica Dictionary traces the origins of this word to Ancient Latin, wherein the word ‘philosophia’ meant ‘love of wisdom’. With the many changes it went through over the centuries, the term now stands for “the rational, abstract, and methodical consideration of reality as a whole or of fundamental dimensions of human existence and experience”.

Or put it simply, it is the study of a set of ideas and beliefs that attempt to explain the inherent meaning of life while laying down rules about how one should behave.

Plato, Socrates, Confucius, Rene Descartes and Karl Marx have been among some of the greatest philosophers of all time.

Although it feels like common sense now that every argument needs to have a logic behind it, it was Aristotle who asserted the use of rationale as a method of debate – shocking, right? Simultaneously, David Hume articulated that any good behaviour that a human undertakes is driven by the likely desirable outcome of the same.

These ideas, which now feel so ingrained in our day-to-day life owe their inception to some of the greatest influential thinkers we’ve had.

Coming to the country that was once globally respected as the land of the learned, India has also produced some admirable personalities in the field of Philosophy.

Sri Aurobindo, Sri Adi Shankara, Swami Vivekananda, Guruji Rabindranath Tagore and Osho are some of the unparalleled names that introduced every Indian’s heart and soul to the value of life and the art of living.

Significance of Philosophy as a Part of Today’s Education System

There are different ideologies at work at all times, in the various domains of one’s life. From the most basic questions, like ‘What is life?’ to some more complex ones, like ‘How strict or lenient should one be with an individual of a certain age when it comes to criminal activities?’, the queries are never-ending.

Similar to every other section, Education is also an area that hasn’t gone untouched at the hands of Philosophy.

Several debates take place every day at every level of an educational system, trying to mold the children of today to tomorrow’s responsible citizens of a democratic society. However, is being accountable enough?

When the discipline of Philosophy is seamlessly integrated with one’s educational subjects, the resulting individual is not just an answerable resident, but an honourable human being as well.

The importance of this assimilation of various branches of learning can be understood in a more detailed manner with the following arguments.

Linking to One’s Roots

India has always been a deeply spiritual nation alongside its journey into the academic plains. Nevertheless, with each passing day, we seem to be moving away from the peace that we found in our hearts towards the materialistic pleasures of life.

While we concede that said consumerist luxuries are now a part of who we are today and the place we hold in society, we also must not forget that there is something to be found ahead of these possessions as well.

Our education systems on one hand equip us with the knowledge that we need to make something of ourselves and become well-to-do citizens of the world. On the other hand though, we also require the guidance provided by the philosophical teachings of the great thinkers of yore. This combination is essential to a human’s overall development and well-being, as it drives us towards being a well-rounded denizen of this beautiful nation by connecting us to the roots of our spirituality and culture.

It is only when one is in touch with their origins and heritage that they are truly aware of their true goal in life.

Making philosophy a part of how each subject is taught in an educational institution is an amazing way of ensuring this link.

Understanding the World Through Various Approaches

When an individual starts viewing the world through philosophical glasses, he or she tends to start questioning every big and small aspect of life. ‘Why’ becomes one of the most powerful words in their vocabulary that helps them in self-discovery as well as in learning the ways of the world around them.

Once this becomes the norm for a person, they tend to open up their minds to all that exists which further helps them in building an understanding of the universe through various viewpoints. As an example, while one may see eating animals as wrong and injustice towards those beings, others may think this an optimal way of ensuring the continuance of life on earth.

Science and Philosophy start walking hand in hand, thus providing a student with different perspectives, helping them form their own opinion of life and the cosmos.

Developing Critical Thinking

Image source

All philosophers have had one thing in common, regardless of their educational qualifications and worldly experiences – they have all been influential thinkers. For it is only through meticulous and conscious thought that one can find the answers to the several queries that plague the mind each moment.

When a person starts questioning everything around them – every small deed, each little act – they not only become open to acceptance as we established above but to reach that level of acknowledgment, they develop a critical mind that probes and examines every theory in great detail before embracing its truth.

Such a deep thinker is bound to excel at all he or she strives for as they will be making an informed decision, after careful consideration. This ability assists them greatly in forming an opinion as well as reaching a conclusion even in the capitalistic world.

Imbibing Morality And Humility Alongside Knowledge

Philosophers, irrespective of the era, have been known to be humble people, stripped bare of any arrogance or pride they might have once had after they got in touch with their inner ideologist.

Simultaneously, being of a sound mind is important, but being of a moral heart has been considered equally, if not more, essential.

These are the virtues of an honorable individual who believes that in this vast world, he or she is a minuscule unit who is yet to learn more and is not the supreme source of all knowledge there is. Something more is always left to explore and no one knows everything there is to understand. They also believe in the path of just and principled behavior and consider all to be equal, no matter their social status, caste, gender, or other discriminatory factors.

A student who grows up with these values being inculcated through every discipline of learning is sure to be modest, considerate and an overall good human being.

Closing Thoughts

Students of today are the future of tomorrow, as we have all heard numerous times in this lifetime. Their current existence as a disciple too however is of great significance as who they are today will lead the path to who they become tomorrow.

An educational system working in tandem with the philosophies of some of the most brilliant minds to ever grace this earth is what we aim to witness around the globe, for we are just the beginning.

Featured Image by Ben Sweet on Unsplash


IT – Rainbow of Technical Life

With the advancement of the human race, IT has led to many revolutions and discoveries among which technical revolution has changed the way of life and taken the world and human races to a different dimension. With the emergence of the technical revolution in the 20th century, IT has led to a new way of thinking and doing tremendous amounts of tedious work within a fraction of time, doing smart work in just one click. Let it be whether typing a text to weather forecasting, reading the news to publishing an article. You name any field and IT is there. Today it has become a basic need and necessity. Here today we are to talk about “Recent Trends in IT” or emerging trends in IT. Every morning you wake up, what do you need- A cup of Tea, Coffee, Warm water and the answer is a big NO. We want to check our mobile phones first and Boom more of it we want to check missed messages on WhatsApp or Facebook for upcoming birthdays, messages from the known, tweet by our Honorable Prime Minister, Actresses, international trending people, and many more. Actors, actresses, our grandparents, milkman, newspaper wala, politicians, everyone is on the internet for socializing. It has become a need symbol to carry a smartphone rather than an “iPhone” and spend hours with it.

All these renovations and innovations have come from Mobile Computing as we have shifted from carrying big laptops to carry a small smart box with us for not only socializing but also for medical, studies, reading, etc. this has also led to the development of many mobile applications and services and it has opened the wide path for employment options too. Everything on the internet is available in just one click whether it’s a laptop or desktop and that is the product of web designing which has made our life so easy for searching and entertaining that we need nothing if we have an Internet Connection. When the technology is so easily available and advancing too, why not to make our living smart by upgrading to Smart City and IoT. Trust me it’s fun switching on your gadgets at home even when you are far away. And then comes security with IoT, Internet, Cloud Computing, and all aspects of using machines and communicating over them. 

We need to protect our data and contents from people spying into our system and peeping into my personal life. The only way to secure it is to apply data security, cybersecurity, and also hacking can be Hi-Jacking and Hi-Joking. Also today we are happy and enjoy seeing what you searched on commercial sites getting displayed everywhere. Isn’t it fun? Yes, it is and sometimes No also as it collects our data using Data Mining which can be used wisely and cunningly but can be threatening too. Again security protects us from bad things being done to us. Technology has brought in many impacts, good as well as bad but its effect can be managed by us. It’s in our hands to control technology or technology controls us. With this concept comes Artificial Intelligence where now we were controlling the machines to help in every phase of life as assistants, Expert Systems, Prediction Machines, money dispenser machines, and many more uses. Now comes the era of building smart cars, smart houses to smart cities as everything is turning smart.

Between this entire scenario how can we forget the data that have actually revolutionized the computer systems to upgrade them with very high storage capacity, building Data Centers everywhere and costing and paying so much for customer’s profile, users profile, and whatnot. For this, the need definitely is a Database System that keeps and stores our data for a very long time, in the proper format, and makes it available whenever needed. We have been storing so much data everywhere and all types of it. Now, what to do? The answer is to start utilizing them to study the trends, finding the highest hits, most sold product, and on and on. Let’s analyze them statistically to improve the market of everything being sold on the earth. In all this discussion we have forgotten an important factor: how do we do all this task from DBMS to AI? We do make everything available using programming the computer and application using high-level languages sometimes even low-level languages are needed to build something from the scratch. How about building a gaming app? A fitness app? A friendship app? And the list never ends. For this, we have python, Android, Java, .Net, J2EE, JavaScript, HTML, and the never-ending list. The options are available as a platter of yummy food to choose from all you need to know is your choice and your craving for a variety of items.


Dr. Anshu Agarwal,

Assistant Professor,

School of I.T.


Humans and Technology: Hospitality Industry Perspective

We, humans, have a tendency to simplify everything in order to make our lives easier and work faster and more efficiently. In this technological race, we have very successfully made our homes digitized and as an extension, our hotels too are rapidly getting technologically advanced. Internet forms the basis for this. Everything is within our reach now or we can say in our pockets, purses, and hands in form of our smartphones. A smartphone can be easily programmed to become a room key with the help of an app and similarly become a remote control for various gadgets namely television, temperature control, curtains, lights, concierge services, room service, and even kettles among others that may be operated by a single device or even by voice command.
Hotels are slowly opting for exceedingly advanced technological devices to help guests with a pleasant and memorable stay and to get repeat clientele.

Amazing technology: check this video:

The good thing about most of these changes is that they can be implemented with ease requiring minimal changes to the already existing infrastructure and hardware. Technological advances in the guest rooms and even public areas can lead to greater guest satisfaction ratings as most services that traditionally required manual assistance by hotel staff can now be taken care of by a tap on the screen.

This may also help save a lot of revenue by the hotel by ways of manpower costs, energy costs, and fewer food wastages. Keeping in mind the last year that marked major upheaval globally guests are now even more comfortable and welcoming to less human interaction while expecting the best service possible. Some of these advancements are already in practice by many hotels while some may seem like technology from the futuristic era but will soon become a reality which the guests will expect.

1. Contactless Hotel check-in:

  • Check-in via phone app – Guests just need to download an app and can check-in by filling in their details in the app. Room allocation can also happen on the phone and room access is enabled on the smartphone itself instantly making it safer for the guest with minimal surface contact in the public area. It saves a lot of plastic and/or other material like metal or wood used to make room keys traditionally saving costs and resources.
  • Smartphone enables room access – Room keys are enabled on smartphones at the time of check-in and can be activated on more than one device to accommodate all guests staying in the room. It can also be used to provide access to other public areas which require member-only access like lounges, clubs, pools, etc. Some hotel chains have already started using smart keys like Radisson, Sheraton, Park Plaza, Fairmont, etc.
  • Access thru app – The hotel app can also be used to track guest movement through the hotel which reduces paperwork and lines at restaurants, coffee shops, swimming pools, gyms, etc, where guests have to mention their room number to receive service. It will also help with the billing process which happens in real-time and guests can also track and monitor their spending during their stay in the hotel. Additionally, Portable streaming devices like an Amazon Fire Stick and numerous OTT platforms allow guests to use their own subscriptions or devices to stream the content of their choice in guest rooms. Alternately, hotels can rent fire sticks and subscriptions to guests who can be logged out on check out.

2. Smart TVs

Television sets can act as more than just entertainment centers. They can be used to provide information about the hotel, its facilities, menus of various restaurants and also provide information regarding the city, its attractions, etc. This will save a lot of paper which is used to make brochures and menus with the added advantage that information can be updated more frequently without incurring additional costs or fear of wasting resources.

It also makes the guest feeling safer with fewer surfaces that may be contaminated with unknown viruses, like menus, brochures, and things made of paper are not easy to decontaminate/sanitize on a regular basis / daily.

Additionally, Portable streaming devices like an Amazon Fire Stick and numerous OTT platforms allow guests to use their own subscriptions or devices to stream the content of their choice in guest rooms. 

Alternately, hotels can rent fire sticks and subscriptions to guests who can be logged out on check out.

3. Wireless charging devices

Chargers are soon taking the first place among things that tourists lose while traveling, earlier the spot was taken by cameras and shades/glasses. Hotels can provide easy access to wireless charging ports in guest rooms as well as public areas like lobby, business centers, and lounges for easy access.

4. Motion sensors

Motion control lighting and air conditioning can be used in public areas as well as guest rooms which will help save a lot of electricity when areas like guest room corridors, lounges, gardens have no guest or staff movement.

5. Thermal sensors

Can help save a lot of electricity and related costs? These can be used in guest rooms and activated upon check-in so that the air conditioner works when the temperature of the room rises above the set temperature. Additionally, these sensors can be attached to guest room drapes which can close automatically when sensors are triggered due to temperature rise through the window.

6. Smart remote controls

Guest smartphones can be programmed to act as universal remotes for various devices in the smart guest room where one phone can control many devices namely television, lights, air conditioning, drapes, music, etc. Alternately, hotels can use universal remotes for various devices which in turn will save resources like batteries and the need for multiple remotes.

7. Information on your palm

A traditional binder containing information about the city, hotel services; restaurants, room service menus, spa services, and area recommendations, etc can be a harbor for numerable pathogens that can be hard to clean regularly. However a tablet is easy to operate, clean, charge, update, and can carry all the information, can act as a universal remote control, and can also be used to order room service or even play music.

8. Soundproofing

By using soundproofing technology hotels can successfully minimize noise from traffic, airplanes, or loud music, which means no more noise complaints and also that minor repair work in guest rooms can happen at all hours without disturbing guests in neighboring rooms and readying the room as soon as possible after repairs.

9. Voice-activated controls

Slightly upgraded/modified smart speakers, like Amazon Alexa, Google Home can be used to amp up the guest rooms to assist guests with requests like making restaurant reservations, ordering room service, or connecting with housekeeping or concierge.

10. Smart mirrors 

High-tech mirrors can help save time by combining a TV screen and a mirror, enabling guests to multitask like watching news, sports or weather while bruising or shaving or even request hotel services via a concierge-style function.  

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11. Video chat with staff

With a quick scan of a QR code, communication systems or tablet or smart TV can allow guests to talk, text, or video chat with hotel staff in real-time. Guests don’t need to walk down to the front desk and staff can answer questions or handle requests quickly and effectively.


Prof. Amreesh Misra

Head of School, School of Hospitality Management,

AURO University, Surat, Gujarat