The education one receives paves the path and sets the direction that the individual takes his/her life. Though it is certain that the standard education one receives today enables the individual to pursue his/her dreams, and interests and be successful professionally.
The subtheme group will focus on several important areas that include:

  • Include spiritual values in the academic curriculum 
  • Incorporate service-based activities in schools, colleges, and workplaces 
  • Teach people about inspiring and successful individuals who set the right examples 
  • Make counseling and mindfulness activities (yoga, meditation, etc.) available at schools and the workplace 
  • Educate citizens about the heritage and ancient cultures of their country / region 
  • Teach from a very early age about moral responsibilities in society 
  • Stress on inclusiveness and acceptance gave the plurality in races, religions, faiths, traditions, genders, disabilities, etc. 
  • Stress the significance of every being in creation; treat animals and nature with respect 
  • Promote student activities that build respect and care for persons with disabilities, girls, marginalized populations, animals, and nature. 
  • Global citizenship

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