AURO Innovation and Incubation Cell

Entrepreneurship is the act of creating value for the society. Our country at this stage, due to the thrust and support of everyone from the Prime Minister’s Office to the department of Education, is set to take the next leap towards innovative entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is the Aspiration for progress, the courage and humility to persevere, the receptivity and gratitude for the environment, and the sincere generosity of own time, efforts and resources to create value for self and others.

We at AURO University thus aim to work towards building the next level of support and ecosystem for the budding entrepreneurs and we aim to encourage ideas, help them take calculated risks, mentor their journey and accelerate their chances of success.

Towards this objective, we have created a Special Purpose Vehicle called AIIC, which aims to work with ideas and visionaries who wish to make an impact and create responsible products for the future.

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Building foundations for responsible entrepreneurs

Building: denotes a process of working together to create the future

Foundations: denotes all the activities required at baseline to ensure strength, stability and sustainability

Responsible: talks about the kind of business ideas we would like to work with where we want to abide by the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo’s and the Divine Mother and partner people who are ethical, socially responsible, environment conscious and are wanting to create a positive impact



AIIC is open for school and college students, as well as anyone with an entrepreneurial idea.



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