National Budding Chef Competition

Organizes National Budding Chef Competition every year that attracts around 20 teams from different Institutes across India. The learning curve throughout the event was enhanced with the presence of chef guest speakers and judges such as Chef Davide Cananzi (F&B Wizard), Chef Parvinder Singh Bali, Chef Sudev Sharma, Chef Veena Picardo, Mr. Reju S., Mr. Abhijeet and others. Some of the interesting competitions of N.B.C.C. held on Day one included Kitchens of India, which was a regional cuisine cooking competition with a focus on authenticity of recipes, a Dessert competition and lastly Liquid Flavours, which was a mocktail making competition. Day two of N.B.C.C. featured a Vedic Cuisine competition involving use of primitive cooking methods and a focus on retaining wholesome nutrition of food, a Thematic Cake Decoration competition which involved all the participants to dress the cake based on a jewelry design given to them on the spot, European Cooking Competition – an international cooking competition and lastly a Carving competition for the new age chefs.