Mrs. Achala Trivedi
Assistant Professor

Achala Trivedi completed her Bachelor degree in Food & Nutrition from M.S.University, Vadodara and a Bachelor degree in Education - M.S.University Vadodara. She obtained a Master degree in English from Vikram University Ujjain and was ranked 4th in the University. She also completed a Master of Philosophy in English at Vikram University and was ranked 2nd in the University.

A highly energetic and enthusiastic person, having known from the very beginning that she wanted to be a pure academician, Achala commenced her academic career as Assistant Professor English, Government Commerce College, Ratlam. Being the sole language faculty in a college having a strength of more than a thousand students was a challenge.She also led the design and implementation of the ELTS syllabus and teaching materials, while she was there.

In Surat, Achala joined IMS Learning Centre as Senior English Faculty. Her responsibilities were to prepare students for competitive management tests – CAT, GRE, GCET. During her tenure, the centre had the highest percentage of successful students in its history.

Achala is a versatile and highly experienced language faculty dealing with multi faceted usage of English. She has a great passion and love for the English language and she is committed to passing on that passion to her students.