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School of Law

The School of Law offers BA LLB (5 Years Integrated) & BBA LLB (5 Years Integrated) Degree programs spread over ten semesters. The curricula is designed and oriented to impart contemporary legal knowledge, acts, legal procedures, apart from integrating the modern technology enabled systems, processes and procedures in the process of imparting an optimal blend of teachings in Indian laws as well as international laws.

The School of law shall be focussing on integration the laws of India as well as international laws which have a bearing on various domain areas including business, international trade and other areas as well. The teaching learning process at the School of Law is aimed at imparting an optimal blend of knowledge and skills to apply them in the real world with a focus on promoting and delivering multi-disciplinary inquiry and practical appreciation of problems. The pedagogy at School of Law will be an optimal integration of Lectures, Moot Courts, Cases, Case Studies, Judgment Review & Analysis, Projects, and Assignments etc. The courses may be taught by two or more faculty members under a module leader to facilitate the academic delivery by professional/s and/or academician/s having proven competencies and experience in different domain areas of law and allied areas.

The interactive session between the faculty member and the students will provide a highly motivating and lively learning environment conducive to very high standards of teaching and learning in participative mode leveraging the knowledge and experience of faculty member as well as students during the peer group learning.

The teaching is facilitated by the module leader by providing a detailed teaching plan including the details about the text book, reference materials, course outline, teaching plan in the form of a module handbook, including assignments, cases etc. The module handbook also consists of various case studies, lecture notes, research papers, judgments and judicial reviews of various courts, reports, and allied content.

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