Dr. S. P. Rath

Dr. S. P. Rath is having more than 23 years of experience in the corporate world and academia. Worked in Senior Management and Middle Management positions in U.K., U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, India in the field of Marketing, Strategy, Communication & Advertising, taught in many leading B, Schools, Corporate Training Institutes in U.K., UAE, Saudi Arabia and India. As an author has published Six Management Text books with International Publishers, the book titles are:

1“Chanakya – Theories & Doctrines of Modern Management” – (Application of Oriental Management System of Maurya Empire in Modern Management),
2. “Asoka – Great Indian Management System” – (Application of Oriental Indian Management System in Modern Management),
3. “Social Marketing & Tobacco Consumption Control” – (Strategies of Curbing Tobacco Consumption in India – Special Reference to Odisha),
4. “Arthasastra – The Modern Management Gospel” – (Oriental India’s Pragmatic Management System),
5. “Demography of India” – (Challenges and Dynamics of India’s Population & Census),
6. “Hand Book of Thesis” – (Drafting and Writing Thesis),
one book of Management in India, the title of the book -“Managerial Skills & Development” many book chapters in edited books.

As a poet belongs to the third generation Indian English Poetry and his English poetry book “Poems of the Portraits” represents the school. A doctoral degree (Ph.D.) holder in Management and pursuing his Post-Doctoral Research Degree (D. Litt.) in the area of Oriental Indian Management System. His qualifications are M.A., PGDCFR, PGDM, Ph.D. and continuing D.Litt. Published more than 65 International Research articles in the referred and listed International Journals, 7 research articles in the National Journals, presented more than 80 international conference papers in different countries, more than 15 national conference papers to his research credit. As a Ph.D. Guide (Supervisor) guiding five Doctoral Scholars in different Universities. As a consultant of Research Projects has worked for several prestigious Consulting assignments of different government bodies in UK, Middle East, West Asia & Asia Pacific Countries and for different world bodies too. Recipient of International award and appreciation as the activist in Wild Life Protection. Editor of Management Research Journals and Special Issues of IJBEM (UK), IJBMT, MERC Global etc.. Areas of research are Integral Management, Indian Management System, Oriental Indian Management Practices, Sustainability, Strategic Marketing, Social Marketing, Indian Culture and Indian System of Transformational Change. Teaching, Research and Management Searches is his professional passion.