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IT Industries for Series of Workshops conducted for School of IT

Series of Workshops conducted for School of IT by eminent IT professionals from the reputed MNCs-IT Industries to enlighten our fresh IT aspirants of all the three batches of BSc-IT.

First workshop was conducted on Friday, 07.10.2016 on the topic of “Develop and Development Dimensions an insight from IT Industry” by Sr. Software Engineer, from Indecomm, Bangalore as he has shared his experiences and challenges within the current industry and even from the previous one in Infosys, Bangalore for his development while developing all kinds of software which is handled and managed under certain technical projects. He gave valuable inputs of seriousness towards aptitude tests conducted by the industries, shown some live demos of Node-JS, Angular-JS, Mongo DB and JIRA technologies used for certain development of software and websites. Agile methodologies, and IT industries like Apple, Infosys, TCS, Wipro, etc. are sometimes clients to each other for their software development, testing and production for multiple purpose. Sprints, Stories and Tasks are made to divide work appropriately based on the complexity & priority for the development in software and the clarity about in-depth work functionalities of client and server side to secure and launch websites and even getting registered domain name all such insight demonstrated through live demo delivered by the IT expert.

Second Workshop was conducted on Friday, 14.10.2016 on the topic of “Current and Future Trendz in IT Industries” by Software Engineer from EmTec and Mainframe Technical Analyst both from Pune embarked through recent multiple terms, techniques and technologies through this workshop were regarding SMAC, Big Data, Hadoop and Mainframe Technologies. Learning about SMAC i.e Social, Mobility, Analytics & Cloud gave an insight into what is the center of attention in the current IT industry. Details about architecture of SMAC SaaS, Paas, & IaaS (Software as a Service, Product as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service). IT experts threw some light on for security system about payment gateways using Secure Socket Layer and Secure Electronic Transaction (SSL & SET) for secure transaction. Elaborating technologies used and their roles in banks included Mainframes, AS400, JAVA, C, C++, Oracle, Web Technologies, UNIX. The role of Technical Analyst of a company included a lot of hard work as they need in clear understanding of the business requirement and functionality needed by the client. Creation and importance of technical analysis & system design docs i.e. SRS, Flowchart, ERD, & DFD. Coding different components & making sure the teammates changes are working and not generating bugs. Interaction with client & onsite team, giving technical support to team members and more.

Learning about Mainframe technology and the languages (JCL, COBOL,VSAM, CICS, DB2) used in the development and working of mainframe system was insightful and from these series of workshop has opened a path which has imbibed during the process of effective learning. With expectations and demanded for more such interesting and knowledgeable workshops by the IT students to be conducted in continuation.

It was very effective, fruitful and very much successful workshops as all the three batches of BSc.IT were present throughout the day for both the days not to miss any of those treasured inputs delivered by those IT experts came for these series of workshops. Most of the words for the details mentioned above for both the workshops are of BSc.IT students from School of IT as their feedback.